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  1. Nothing life or death, but two weeks is a bit too long. "Higher than normal" ticket volume - the same disclaimer I saw two weeks ago - says there's a problem that needs to be addressed. I don't know if it's technical issues that account for the ticket volume or if it's a shortage of customer service people, but there's obviously a problem.
  2. From an email I sent regarding a reply to my support request:
  3. That could be. This isn't a big deal feature request for me, just something tossed out there. I'm a pretty basic Evernote user - I take note, clip things from the web, and that's pretty much it. I know there are a lot of things that can be done that I haven't begun to explore.
  4. Do I detect a bit of sarcasm in your post? Whatever. Anyway, I wasn't really expecting a reply from Evernote, but another poster here said that this feature has been requested several times, and it's that that made me question the policy of silence.
  5. "To date EN has not shown any inclination to implement recurring reminders, which have been requested quite a few times." This kind of thing, regardless of the company (and Evernote isn't the only one I've seen do this), has always baffled me. I can understand a company might not implement a frequently-requested feature, but it would seem to make sense that the same company would at least explain the reasoning behind it. Transparency in customer relations is the "new black."
  6. Just a quick, small feature request. I'd like to have the ability to set up recurring reminders. I use Google Calendar for actual appointments, but I'd like to be reminded to read specific Evernote notes on a daily basis. I've got them listed in my shortcuts area, but there are other items there too, which complicate the daily review thing a bit. Dave
  7. Is it my imagination or is there no ability to strike-through text using the Mac desktop client? I see that option I the iOS version and the web interface, but I haven't seen it in the desktop version. If it's not there in the desktop version, does anyone know why? EDIT: I see this is a feature that's been requested for something like six years, maybe more (a button rather than the arthritis-inducing keyboard combination). It's things like this and the slooooooow support from Nevernote that make me realize my decision to stop paying for a Premium account was a wise decision. So close to perfection Nevernote, so close... Dave
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