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  1. The visual lag of Evernote handwriting is atrocious. Even not comparing it to the responsiveness of Nebo, One Note or Samsung Notes, the "feel" of writing in Evernote with any stylus is an exercise in frustration. It's like the feature hasn't advances at all since its introduction in 2014. Now that Samsung has severed the 'sync with Evernote' feature in their notes app, and other competitors have very fluid and natural-feeling handwriting features, there's really no excuse to keep it so rudimentary in Evernote. I can live without OCR "on the fly", no support for dark mode/backgrounds, and a very limited color palette, but please do something with that input lag.
  2. I'd really-really wish for Evernote/Wunderlist integration, but there's no news on that frontier so far =(
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