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  1. Same here. Paying user for 10 years. Hate the android new v10 version, so for my new tablet I manually installed the 8.13.3 apk. Stuck at "Please wait" login screen.
  2. For the record, as a premium evernote user, I created ticket #2822847 about this.
  3. Yes please solve this asap! This is super annoying and causes unexpected bugs when pasting in other apps. For example see my bug report here: https://www.alfredforum.com/topic/12468-no-longer-able-to-past-a-simple-calculus-expression-into-alfred/?tab=comments#comment-65746
  4. @DTLow describes the current behavior, but this does not fix our issue... and btw On Macs, the tabs do not hold "the specific note you're working on". is not true. The tabs do hold the information about which note is opened in that tab, because when I go back to an old tab, it still displays the correct note, and did not reset to the first note of the list for instance. We want to be able to work on different notes in parallel. Two possible solutions: 1) give us the possibility to "open note in a new tab" (instead of just "in a new window" like currently) 2) give us the option to make tab names reflect the note currently opened in the list of the tab, instead of the list criteria
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