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  1. JustinP8

    Improve Note Linking

    Many wiki systems do this with a bracketed syntax [Some Link|http://linktonote]
  2. It would be nice to be able to link to a tag, notebook, stack, and/or saved search within a note. I know you can make TOC notes on search results, but if new notes matching the search used are added, they are not automatically included in the TOC note. I think It would be nice to have a note that can guide me to related notebooks, topics, saved searches, or tags if I choose to do so. I would just expect the link to take me to the list view I linked to.
  3. JustinP8

    Type anywhere

    I like this idea. It's one of the neat features I've seen of OneNote. I'm not sure why this hasn't gotten more votes. While there is something to be said for simpler editors, having more complex ones doesn't prevent people from using it in a simpler manner.