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  1. I'm a long-time premium Evernote customer and am really trying to like this service. Until recently I have simply used Evernote as a "web clipper," bookmarking sites so that I could access them across my devices. Templates (meeting notes, etc.) look like a useful tool but, regardless of how many I "Save to Evernote," none are ever ever available when I create a new note--there's no "Template" icon. Other posters suggest that I should upgrade my Evernote software, but I'm using Evernote through the browser. Are templates only available if I download (one more annoying) app? Why do I not see them when logged in through my browser??
  2. I'm running on Windows 10 and the layout button is missing from the presentation view. Okay, I'm back to answer my own post. It seems you cannot edit the presentation layout for notes created with the WebClipper. You can, however, copy the WebClipper note into a new note and edit the presentation breaks there.
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