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  1. I am experiencing the same issue described above: text in notes appears fuzzy, exactly as in the screenshot provided. I am using Evernote (308767) Prerelease. Have been experiencing this issue for about 2 months now but it has become progressively more frequent. Closing Evernote completely and re-opening provides a temporary fix (for a few minutes), then the text becomes fuzzy again. Mark
  2. I'm encountering the same issue - unable to move the Evernote database. It's currently on D:/ which is a spinning drive and very slow so I want to move it to C:/ which is SSD. But, when I try to move the local files by changing the location in Evernote > Tools > Options > General it appears at first that files are being moved (progress bar etc), but at the end of this process nothing changes - files are still located on the D:/ drive. I'm on Evernote version (308555) Public.
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