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  1. I give up. I'm just going to use the website within Chrome.
  2. I checked that file path and there is no databases folder in the evernote folder. What do I do create one? And where do I get the database file moab762.exb?
  3. I logged out of all accounts phone and computer and browser. Then relogged in on phone. Worked fine. But when I relogged in on windows it gave me the following error.
  4. Yes. I was completely logged out on my desktop when I reinstalled and reset the password and resigned in. But my phone was not logged out if that makes a difference. Where is log file?
  5. I uninstalled EN, unplugged my E drive (where it was previously residing), reinstalled EN, and was able to change the database location to the C drive in My Programs. Where it should have been. So now when I go into options it's shows the correct path - C:\Program Files (x86)\Evernote\Evernote. But now it won't sync. I have no notes on my desktop version of EN. When I click sync nothing happens. I still see all my notes on my phone in the same account. I also checked that IE is working and not offline. Although I could not find the work offline or online setting. Go figure. It does open up and I can surf the web. So I assume it's not in offline mode. I know EN uses IE to sync.
  6. This is what my registry looks like. Can't figure out what to change.
  7. OK. Pretend I'm an idiot. Now explain that again. I think I know how to get into regedit. But what do I change that entry too?
  8. What if I uninstall EN. Unplug my external E: drive. And then reinstall without the E: drive even being there? Will it then allow the database to be located on the C drive?
  9. This sucks. I use Evernote exclusively on my PC and phone. For everything. I can't think of anything else to try to make it work either. Does Evernote have phone support? I mean if I buy the paid version?
  10. I've done this like 4 times. Like I said. Even to the extent of deleting all the evernote files on my computer. They were showing up on my E drive and my C drive. After deleting them. I used an uninstaller and uninstalled evernote. Or actually I did that first. Then deleted all files. Then reinstalled EN. Then before signing in I've tried to change the database location to anything other than E: drive - which it opened up with even after uninstalling everything. You can't delete the name of the drive location. And you can not change it. It just stays "E:\EVERNOTE". It's a windows 10 computer. My own. I am the admin.
  11. I've tried everything mentioned. I even used an uninstaller to uninstall Evernote. And Eraser to get rid of the Evernote file on my E: drive. As you can see from the attached image. You can't change the database location to anything but E:. You can't even delete it. I don't know what to do. I've uninstalled it and uninstalled it with an uninstaller. Erased the file on my E: drive. Reinstalled. And I still can't change it from my E: drive.
  12. That's my problem. Even if I go into options and change the location of my database. It never changes from my usb external drive on E:. Whenever I try to change it to C drive which is my main internal drive. It won't move. In the meantime I have very slow load times for individual notes. Especially after I just open evernote. It could take 2 minutes for a note to open. I've also uninstalled and reinstalled evernote three times to try to correct the problem. Even with a reboot in between. And nothing fixes it. I just want my database on the preferable internal drive. But there's no budging it.
  13. Somehow I either installed Evernote onto an external hard drive or it's files got stored to an external hard drive or both. So I uninstalled Evernote. And installed to C: drive. But when I open Evernote it stills says it's on E: drive. My external drive. There is an Evernote folder both on my C: and E: drives. It's very buggy. And won't open a note for maybe 1 to 2 minutes. You also can't change between notes without a similar delay. How can I fix this and get evernote back on my local disk C: drive? Going into options and changing it does nothing. It just keeps saying it's on E:\EVERNOTE.
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