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  1. I am sorry if this is in the wrong spot. I just downloaded the ChromeOS version of evernote. On the web version I can link Google Docs is this missing in the ChromeOS version?
  2. Okay looks good except is it missing the google drive connection?
  3. How about an android version or are you guys okay with cutting out a huge segment of phone and tablet market?? I work in retail and we were just reviewing our numbers for our district and Ipad sales have dropped like a rock. They have not leveled off they are dropping like a stone. While 2 in 1 products are going way up and Android ones are growing slowly. You guys may want to rethink which OS you are building for? I would be building a windows and Android one. Now I don't code at all so I have no idea how hard this is. I will be the first to admit that. However, math does not lie.
  4. You hit it nail on the head here. I really like Evernote but the Apple "love fest" has to stop. I use android and chromebooks. You would think with the sheer market share of Android products they would develop that first.
  5. Yes I do because I use both a Chromebook and a windows machine. To be honest I do like the web version better. I don't use the windows one that often. The best part of the windows version is that it does not require admin privileges to install. That way I can install it on my work computer. I spend about 90% of my time on my Chromebook. The web version is my main one.
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