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  1. +1 for this. Such an unnecessary friction to not be able to sort.
  2. So I did just discover that if I rebooted in safe mode, and then rebooted out of safe mode in a standard startup, pasting lists in and out of evernote seems to have been fixed.
  3. I can't copy a bulleted or numbered list and then even paste into another evernote note without the formatting disappearing. Even with paste special, even with paste and match formatting over an identical list. the numbered or bulleted format disappears. I'm up to date with 6.9. Is it possible that this is still a bug? or have a just missed something massive?
  4. this really, really need to be a thing. premium level customer using a text-based app without find and replace?
  5. man this STILL isn't a thing? C'mon, EN, this is basic text functionality. that people have been asking for for years.
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