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  1. Hello all! I recently released EverExport, an open-source note export client written in Scala. The goal is to simplify working with the Evernote SDK and abstract away some of the more... confusing API methods. The client is cross-compiled to JavaScript using Scala.js, so you can also use the client from JavaScript! You can install it through NPM: npm install everexport Here is a JS example that shows how to list all notebooks in a user's account and then list all notes in the first notebook: const everexport = require('everexport') const token = "YOUR_EVERNOTE_TOKEN" const exporter = new everexport.EverExport(token, true) // Second parameter is sandbox = [true/false] // Fetch all notebooks in user's account exporter.listNotebooks() // Then fetch all notes in *first* notebook .then(notebooks => { const n = notebooks[0] return exporter.exportNotebook(n.guid) }) // Then display each note's title and creation time .then(notes => { notes.forEach(note => { console.log('Title: ' + note.title + ', Created on: ' + note.created) }); }) Let me know if you have any questions and/or suggestions!
  2. Dude... I've been planning to create exactly the same thing, but I was thinking of making it an online app. Structured export to Markdown or PDF. Free for < x notes/notebooks, but $$$ for larger users. Just like you, my main concern is how many people are actually interested in something like this? The main target for such a service would be people who are dissatisfied with Evernote and would like to manage their notes manually, so you'd need to somehow figure out how large of an audience that actually is. What do you think about teaming up on this, at least for discussion and ideas? As for implementation, I was initially going to write it in Scala, but I'm fine with Python too. PM me if you're interested and we can chat further on FB or Hangouts. Assil
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