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  1. Oh, nice to hear this from you khorton01! I didn't find so much interesting in the idea (nor on the web), but if this can be useful for someone, I'll be happy to do also a little script or something similar. Thank you! David
  2. Hi DTlow and thank you for your infos... Actually this is a very similar tool. The only important difference I see is that if you want to modify your notes, the HTML format is not so friendly... I mean, I know there are a lot of tool you can use to work on an HTML document WYSIWYG, but I see the markdown language as a more "malleable". And also generally very easy to import in other applications. In any case, what you report is really near my intent... a good point to reason on. Thank you!
  3. Nice to here from you that "quite a few folks have commented that they would like a way to see notes outside of Evernote". I just have a strange need of... "sense of control" of my material, so I'm happy to see that my pdfs, mp3, images and notes I store in Evernote (I have there my diary, my projects ideas and so on) are on my hard drive. I'm not planning right now a bidirectional sync, but I don't know what I'm doing in the future And... Yes! I'll surely send you my app as soon as I've something usable. In any case, just to be clear, I just read from evernote. I do not write anything
  4. Hi gazumped, well yes it does a raw backup. For a simple backup I think I would use the simple "enex" export of the evernote app. I'm thinking more at something exporting in markdown so you can have locally and you can read and manipulate when/how you want. Maybe useful if you want to abandone evernote. (think I will never do XD ). And, right now, I was thinking at something free...
  5. Hi everyone! I'm creating a little python application you can use to backup your entire evernote. Basically it opens a little dialog with all your notebooks, ask yuo for a local directory and you can choose wich notebooks to exports. The application will create a directory with the notebook title, an md file for every note in that directory and if the notes has attachments the app will create a directory with all the attachments inside it. This dir will have the name of the note. I would like to hear your opinions: 1- do you think it could be a useful application? It is for
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