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  1. why is this so hard? I share a set of notes from windows application, person I share these with gets no email notification ( if share is supposed to notify a user (within evernote) when someone shares a note, this does not work either) I send a copy of a note to a person, I get a notification in email I look at the note and its formatted horribly, and the MOST IMPORTANT piece of information that would resolve this is missing THE URL of when I captured the note instead I get horrible formatting in a browser and hundrededs of images as attachements -- so for other users trying to di this I recommend NOT using Evernote, simply copy and paste the url into an email and send productivity redeifned.... AND finally, thanks for making it hard to find this formum page.... LINK ON YOUR MAIN SUPPORT / CONTACT US PAGE ? would be the minimun of nice. and yes I'm a premium user....
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