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  1. This is a real headache. All of my former checklists now function the opposite way I need them to (I need them as newly coined check boxes). Can I easily convert them? On the Windows desktop app, check lists and check boxes are in two completely different menus, which makes no sense. And creating a list of check boxes is unduly tricky - requiring shift-enter at the end of every line. If you forget, the entire list is converted to a check list. Why is check list EN's default vs. check box? Why not have just one list style and offer each user the option of crossing out and dimming the font or not? One is a ToDo list, one is a Done list. A Shopping list is really a third type, where the list is persistent and you check what you need to buy.
  2. Thanks Dave, I was indeed referring to Samsung's Note feature and I recognize that you were referring to the EN's quick note, accessible from the notification bar. This compatibility is a small step, since it offers no formatting. I look forward to a quick resolution from the development team for the main EN app, especially since many more of us have just forked over $35.00 plus the cost of the Note handset to use it.
  3. Yes, the pen works in Quicknotes, but Evernote's features are more robust and there's no real integration between Quicknotes and Evernote. For example, Qucknotes supports bullet and numbered lists, but only on one level.There is no indent or level control. Then you must save it as a quicknote before sharing it into EN, so you have more steps to take and duplicate storage. It's a poor work around, even temporarily.
  4. how does that help you work in EN? Are you then taking the extra step of importing the Samsung note into an EN note?
  5. For what it's worth, direct pen input works in input fields, such as the title field. Evidently the text input area does not appear to the pen as an input field.
  6. Just received my new Note 7 after upgrading to Evernote Premium Is there a way for Evernote to take advantage of the S-Pen handwriting recognition feature for text notes? I was looking forward to being able to use the S-Pen for note taking in Evernote, but there does not seem to be any integration. Handwriting recognition only works in a text note's Title field. Pen generated content in a text note can be saved as an image in the phone's Gallery app, but is not saved in an Evernote text note. It can only be saved by Evernote as a Handwritten note with no recognition.
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