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  1. Yes I am an Atlas Missing Guy as well. Please Evernote reconsider. In my office, Evernote become popular last year just after I used that feature in a meeting, on a projector. Most of my notes where from iPads, and geo-tagging had been inserted automatically (even before I found out the geo-tagging feature myself). So, minimal effort and big gain. Windows is used by zillions offices around, and an Atlas is simply the most intuitive way to browse data by location: do it on a map. It is simply the best GUI experience possible after mind-reading. What was the name of that guy I met at the conference in that small place north of Milan last year? Zoom, Found. I'm not saying Evernote has become useless now, but that special edge it had on other solutions has diminished, at least for me and my colleagues. Also, this story made me afraid of discovering tomorrow that other non-minor features will be just gone without notice.
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