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  1. I have a non-Apple bluetooth keyboard I use with my iPhone (6S+ 64GB). (As it happens, there are a whole slew of somewhat similar clones of the same basic folding-keyboard technology from different manufacturers, that you can see at, e.g., Amazon. The one I particularly like - I've tried several - is a full-sized keyboard by iClever [Model IC-BK05, Tri-folding Bluetooth Keyboard] supported for iOS, Android, and Windows; which you can see here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B018K5EJCQ/ This keyboard (and many others like it) - despite its support for iOS devices like iPhones etc. - doe
  2. Yes, copying to another, REAL plain-text editor, then copying back into a new Evernote note, did solve that issue.
  3. I have an Evernote note on an iPhone containing a line which looks like this: (Base-60) Sexagesimal: 0B6 11:06 Whenever I try to advance the cursor (either using a bluetooth keyboard or the iPhone touch-screen) character-by-character down that line, to the point where the cursor reaches just beyond (to the right of) the '6' in '0B6' - then the very next character advance, and Pow! - you're back at the 0 character position at the beginning of that same line. If you just hold down the cursor-right key (on the bluetooth keyboard), then the cursor will keep moving along the line (to the
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