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  1. I have a non-Apple bluetooth keyboard I use with my iPhone (6S+ 64GB). (As it happens, there are a whole slew of somewhat similar clones of the same basic folding-keyboard technology from different manufacturers, that you can see at, e.g., Amazon. The one I particularly like - I've tried several - is a full-sized keyboard by iClever [Model IC-BK05, Tri-folding Bluetooth Keyboard] supported for iOS, Android, and Windows; which you can see here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B018K5EJCQ/ This keyboard (and many others like it) - despite its support for iOS devices like iPhones etc. - does NOT have an Apple-type "Command" key on it, nor does any secondary function key that the manufacturer has designated (best I can tell) provide such "Command" support. Instead, there are Ctrl, Fn (Function), Win, and Alt keys present on the keyboard. Despite the lack of a specific Command function, the keyboard seems to do pretty well on my iPhone with regard to pretty much everything that needs to be done. It does have a function key (Fn + A, S, or D) which switches the keyboard (once connected to the designated device) into either Android, Windows, or iOS modes, respectively. Meanwhile, I've been looking over this page at Evernote's support site, "Keyboard Shortcuts for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch": https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/216788038-Keyboard-Shortcuts-for-iPad-iPhone-and-iPod-Touch The foregoing Evernote document describes a number of different keyboard shortcuts that one can (should be able to) type under iOS to achieve Evernote functionality - nearly all of which involve the use of the (non-present) Command key. I WAS able to use the cursor keys and the tab key as described, but that's it. In addition to lack of a Command key, it's also not clear how those features utilizing Command + "Option" (key?) could be realized. So, my question is: how can I (or can I) make use of these (very handy) keyboard shortcuts for the Evernote app using the keyboard that I DO have?
  2. Yes, copying to another, REAL plain-text editor, then copying back into a new Evernote note, did solve that issue.
  3. I have an Evernote note on an iPhone containing a line which looks like this: (Base-60) Sexagesimal: 0B6 11:06 Whenever I try to advance the cursor (either using a bluetooth keyboard or the iPhone touch-screen) character-by-character down that line, to the point where the cursor reaches just beyond (to the right of) the '6' in '0B6' - then the very next character advance, and Pow! - you're back at the 0 character position at the beginning of that same line. If you just hold down the cursor-right key (on the bluetooth keyboard), then the cursor will keep moving along the line (to the end of 0B6) - jumping back to the beginning of the line - moving along that same line again to the same point, etc. - forever. If, on the other hand, I start at the end of the line, and move the cursor backwards (using either input method) towards the beginning of the line, then the moment the cursor moves from the second '1' of the '11' left towards the first '1' - and Pow! you're at the very beginning of the line (where the cursor will just stick if you hold down the cursor-left key). As a result, it's basically impossible to set the cursor down between the '6' in '0B6' and the second '1' in '11' within the note in question. If one copies the note's contents into a new note, then the error is preserved in the new note. If one switches to plain-text mode, the error is also preserved. If one manages to highlight and copy the entire line (by, e.g., starting on the line below and hitting shift-cursor-up), and then pastes only that line into a new note - then after the note is saved and you go back into it, the error is NOT preserved. If one copies the Evernote note's contents into a new iOS Notes-app note, then copies the contents back into a new Evernote note, the error is NOT preserved. I'd attach the Evernote note in question, but I don't see quite how to do that here.... (It's not a file I can select with the file manager.) (I have to say that it really strikes me as unacceptable that one can't clear out these kind of buggy internal representation issues with regard to particular notes by simply invoking "Simplify formatting" or "Make plain text." What are those features for if not to fix just this kind of thing?) (FYI, I'm using an iPhone 6S+ 64GB running iOS 9.3.4 along with the latest Evernote app v. 7.15.)
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