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  1. Guru, You have fixed another issue! I know from the post that their are others with printing issues. Solve their problem too...
  2. I do not think Evernote will fix these issues until they see users leaving. OneNote has never looked so inviting. I have migrated most of my notes. I have move control over printing there. For those of us who still like paper this is important.
  3. I have the most recent version of Evernote and am using Windows 10. The old simple print preview now shows in the default PDF program (with me is MSWord). It appears that the Page setup in Evernote does not work. This is a major problem for me. Also if I try to print multiple notes I get a line in the PDF Viewer between each note. What a pain? Used to be so simple! I am about to pull the plug on Evernote. If I wanted to print a PDF, I would just use Word. I suppose all are having this problem as I got a totally unacceptable response from Tech Support. That means iit is now part of the program.
  4. I really want to use Evernote for all of my writing, but I use lists, bullets and paragraphs in a way that is not possible in Evernote. (Complete outline) I, (Tab) Example A. (Tab) Subpoint Here add Text, and then pick up with B. or with a number. 1. (Tab) Something like this.
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