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  1. Hello, Just installed Saferoom on Windows, OS X and my Android phone (Nexus 6P) and tablet. This application works a treat and is certainly a nice addition to Evernote security (or general lack thereof). I would like to humbly request for future iterations of the mobile client applications at least (both Android and iOS) to utilize biometric hardware as option for master password. Being able to utilize this again adds greater convenience to end users who don't necessarily want the Master password logged in for any length of time on their device and can more simply use biometric authentication on demand for speedy decryption process to initiate. Otherwise, so far so good and looking forward to your progress on the aforementioned desktop app for processing larger quantities of notes. I would be interested in this as I have a number of very full local notebooks with all the scans from our old paper file cabinet that contain sensitive data that I would like to encrypt and keep in cloud ideally. Thanks, Dubhead
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