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  1. V10 desktop is without a doubt slower than V6.25.1 no matter your setup. It has improved in my toe dipping for simple note navigation, though still slower. I have not tried but more complicated multi note activities are reported to be more impacted. Probably not the worst for a casual user but if you use EN to manage a paperless life style it could get annoying. Hence I an still on 6.25.1. Hoping this speed issue is fixed before that version sunsets. Was just reading through this thread when I came upon Cals remarks 'quoted above'. This really 'hits the nail on the proverbial head', re my fear of what may/will happen when EN sunsets/pulls-the-plug on V6.25.1, where I continue to sit, all smug like, that I wasn't an early adopter of v10. So if/when the curtains come down on v6.25, and if speed/performance has not been fixed by then, and given its now 10 months since Oct 2020 v10 release and seemingly not much improvement yet, regardless of how many updates purport to have improved speed/performance then I will be heading straight to OneNote or Nimbus. Pretty disappointed I'm still reading about speed/performance issues nearly a year later!
  2. *UPDATE* & EDIT Ok so I did get this to work, which was the same as my old approach, and does not require any exporting of Notes, so MikeP 1st 2 steps! I tested by pasting all the links into a Task on the online web-app 'Asana' and they worked great to open the EN Note on EN-desktop instead of EN-Web. But the 1st time I was asked where to open the links - to which i said on EN desktop windows etc. However for it work- I had to first revert the EN Web Client to the 'Classic Version' (old interface) via EN-Web account settings... and then links #1, #4, plus the two links generated from the new EN Web interface and inserted (as pictured above), did indeed open the note on EN-Windows, and as a separate window...nice! BUT...as soon as I changed the EN-Web client/interface back to the new/latest/greatest version... everything stopped working!!! Should it be that hard?
  3. I use/work from my desktop most of the time, and what I'm loving about the 'Notion' App, which has a client for all platforms web/desktop/app etc, is that if you want to create a link that opens a Notion note/page on the Notion desktop (v web app) specifically, they advise to just swap out 'https' in the URL link to 'notion' and voila... that would be nice if EN could do that. I did exactly as you advised... (see image) 1- I generated all link types, and pasted into the note, whilst using EN-Win, exported and clicked all link types but no joy, in so much as that no link type opened the Note in EN-Windows... which is what I'm trying to achieve! So I was only able to successfully complete the first 2 of your 5-steps, as Step#3 did not appear on my PC re 'where to open note' it just went straight to the destination!? 2- Closed EN-Win, and opened the same Note in EN-Web then added the 2 links types EN web offers and pasted to the note ...at this point EN-Web does not offer/or I could not find, a way to export a single Note...so I closed EN-Web and back to EN-Windows... exported and followed your steps but again no link opened the note in EN Windows... some links opened a dumb copy whereas others opened inside the EN-Web app (which is nicer/preferred). Plus I noticed that in EN Web the note now had a icon indicating it was being shared (again see images) so no way to create an APP-Link that indeed opens the EN-app on desktop...that I can see!
  4. Yes I did...but I forgot to mention it. The link structure (for the same note) is the same as you showed e.g.: APP Link: evernote:///view/28358236/s233/a71... WEB Link: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s233/nl/28358236/a716... That's what I expected, hoped, would happen... to have the Note open using the EN-Windows desktop app, but no, not the case! Is this feature/function not yet fully operational? Is it because my desktop EN app is legacy v6.25? Ultimately I was hoping I could generate a link to a note, that when pasted in another desktop or web enabled app, i.e. Notion, Asana etc would open the Note in EN-Windows. My old solution for this no longer works...sera sera I guess, cheers.
  5. When working on a Note, using EN-Web (very latest version) on my Win10 PC using Chrome browser... I noticed the 3-dot-elipses menu in the top right corner. One of the options there is 'Copy Internal Link' that then has a further 2x options to select from 'Copy app link' or 'Copy web link' I generated both link-types as a test, and inserted in the same note, but there was NO difference when clicking the different links, except the 'web link' resulted in a new tab being opened on my browser! So what is the difference between them? What is their intended use?
  6. I took a very brief look at 'NimbusNote' approx. 5 months ago, but figured I'd wait-n-see if EN got it's game together. I took another look yesterday, using the web client, and I was amazed. Format Painter, Table of Contents inside a note linking to Headings 1-2-3, so jump links to anywhere inside the note (esp useful for me as i have many long form notes. Use of blocks to design the page, unlimited nested folders, 1GB file size upload/note size limit etc etc... plus half the $$ price for similar specs compared to EN. However search seemed lousy, and I remember having some issues with their data security that I will need to revisit. But overall I was so impressed and given its 8 months later and EN still don't appear to be on top of their game, yet, means I will most likely put some criteria together of most important stuff I'm after in a note-taking/knowledge management system then compare and make a call whether to stay or go.
  7. I've remained on legacy v6.25 for Windows, and am waiting for the skies to clear, and the birds to sing before I upgrade to v10. But so far I have found the web client excellent, and latest Android app really good, except a little slower perhaps, notwithstanding I rarely use EN on those platforms. But to your comment... Over the past days, I have been studying and building my Task Management system now in 'Notion'. My plan is to use Notion for all Goals/Projects/Workflows/Task Management etc... so it will be my central Hub. EN will then serve as my Knowledge Management System/glorified Filing Cabinet, as for now the EN interface is cleaner, the web clipper clips better, better search function etc... but I think the day may come that if Notion closes the gap in these areas I too could jump ship. And to @hanseric comment re Playstore feedback... yeah when I look at feedback since 7 months ago, back to v10 launch in Oct 2020 on MS-Store, PlayStore, Appstore etc... 98% of all the feedback is 1-star. Combine this with so many premium users, that have never posted on this forum, chiming in for the first time, compelled by woeful v10 experience & issues, well... So I wonder if @Ian Small will indeed "sell more EN subs in the 12 months to Oct 2021, than they did in the previous 5-years" because that type of community feedback does nothing to sell the product to new first time users considering EN.
  8. Another user put me onto this solution (see below) some time ago... see forum thread here Essentially you can use Microsoft' built in Dictation tool, accessed at anytime via a simple keyboard shortcut: Windows-logo + H (keys) Read the thread linked to above for more, but it works 95% accurate for me.
  9. When using EN-Windows (v6.25), I sort my notes in a side-list view using 'Title' only. This way only 1x row appears for each Note in the side-list giving a very compact no-need-to-scroll (much) view. A recent EN-Web update, allowed for the exact same and consistent 'Title only' display of the notes within a notebook. However in EN-Android (I'm on v10.8.2), EN displays three rows of info for each note within a notebook. My view options are set to 'Small' and Show images+body text+tags are all deselected. So Row 1 shows Note Title, Row 2 a blank line, or reminder if one present, and Row 3 a date (perhaps last updated date)! Any ideas if and when EN will or may, allow the same consistent view on Android? -or- is there a setting I'm missing, cheers. See screenshot from phone attached. If not too much trouble @Shane D. could you or team member weigh in...thanks
  10. Hello @Narnk both of the above, are now working for me on my Win10 PC, and when creating/editing a note in EN-for-Win v6.25.1 (or any other Windows app or even Google search/browser). I love WINkey+H to activate and start dictating straight in EN...awesome. Everything turned on when I was activating and enabling all permissions in MS Cortana. So don't know forsure but it appears like something here was preventing WIN+H or the mic icon on the keyboard from being active. Anyway its all working fine now. So for others that may read this try enabling/activating Cortana if like me you had turned it all off...cheers
  11. YEP, that worked perfect, thanks Oh right... I wasn't aware. I use EN-windows most of the time, followed by EN-Android, EN-iOS, and lastly EN-Web. I reckon the TamperMonkey chrome extension solution discussed in the link you shared should work fine with V10... be good to know for others that may red this thread. For now I will use right-click on external links when using EN-Web. Thanks everyone
  12. Ok, thanks for that. From recollection, EN-Web wasn't like this before the recent v10 upgrades. So based on what you said re legal stuff, and if I get what you're saying, they have done this to close a legal hole/potential issue, that previously was wide open for them!? Hopefully they can remove the pop-up roadblock at some time in the near future...cheers
  13. Hi @gbarry... are ehrt74 comments above, correct? If so why would there be a distinction between external links pointing to Evernote's website/subdomains that open immediately or 'the first time', and other non-Evernote websites where I am hit by the 'You are Leaving Evernote' Roadblock popup? Just stretching a little further, can you explain why this pop-up is even needed? I mean, the external links do open in a separate tab, so it's not like the active EN session-tab disappears.
  14. I read something about an update to the latest EN-Web version, claiming they fixed the multiple click's required when clicking a hyperlink/external link that goes to another website. Quote: External links in your notes now open the first time you click them However I am still getting the 'YOU ARE LEAVING EVERNOTE' popup asking to 'Continue' or 'Back'. I'm using EN-Web version is 10.8.4-web (230)... is this the latest version? Should this double click issue still persist? Note - any external links in my notes about the Evernote company/resources that link back to the main EN website or subdomains do indeed 'open the first time' yet any other website takes multiple clicks...
  15. Same sign-in error problem here. I have an Apple iPad Air, 2013 model, running iOS 12.5 (can't update past iOS v12 as iPad now too old and wont support any later/current versions of iOS). iPad has EN-for-iOS v8.24.6. Anybody know what the latest is about being able to use EN on iPad? Anybody know if its possible, at all, to use latest version of EN-iOS with an older iPad?
  16. Thanks very much @ej8899 for your effort to post this for all of us. Very useful to someone like me who remains on the side-lines with v6.25 for Windows. Even with your powerful i7 computer and fast 'ethernet' connection speeds, the performance displayed is terrible. No way I will move to v10 like that! Reminded me of mid-90's internet speeds 🙂 I mean 41 seconds ( I timed it) to attach a 125kb PDF... crazy! And you say this a noticeable improvement... OMG! So how long to upload a 100MB video??? I've been impressed with the latest version of the EN-Web-Client... and I notice how v10.5 en-windows appears identical, so much so I had to rewind to the beginning of your video to check you were indeed recording usage on EN 10.5 for Windows! lol In v10.5 (and web client) I really like: the dark mode the clean note display when just viewing, until you click in the note editor upon which the toolbar pops up...noice. Would be great if you could do a split side-by-side video/window of v10 vs v6 on you next video think smartphone or gopro YouTube comparison videos. And what about the Note List pane (middle vertical pane) does it allow 'View Option preferences???...as I prefer the 'Side list' option to make it cleaner without thumbnails etc else scrolling forever. Overall the video gave me the impression that v10 is a web experience on desktop...weird.
  17. Priceless... succinct and hits the nail on the head the first time...IF ONLY that was communicated, would have taken some heat out of the sting for those that would have chosen to bite the bullet, but at least people can revert to v6. Ian Small said they focused on the masses vs passionate users on the forum, when determining a consistent/coherent experience, but I don't know, I see a lot of 1-10 Forum-Post Premium subscribers coming out of the woodwork threatening to leave, left, or otherwise unhappy. Doesnt seem like they were consulted! Slimming down their internal structure to have 1 team develop across all platforms makes good operational sense, and indeed it looks like they're pace or 'velocity' at bringing out new version is definitely way faster... I just think they needed to delay a little longer and balance user needs better before launching.
  18. I have multiple webmail accounts feeding or loaded into my MS Outlook desktop client. When working in my @outlook.com email Acc/Inbox, I very much do like the tight integration offered by EN's Outlook Clipper add-in (green icon), that I continue to use whilst I camp-out on EN v6.25 for Windows. It works, or its features work so much better than the standard EN add-in (white icon) I use on all my other Non-Outlook email accounts/folders. E.g. ability to easily find a notebook I wish to save an email to, and once saved it doesn't create a new EN-Note-Window. Both the standard EN-clipper-add-in and EN-Outlook Clipper are available from the MS Outlook Toolbar (see screen shot) when I'm working in my Outlook email folder. Other than that the standard EN add-in works just fine, and I imagine it would continue to do so, even in the year 2025 when v10 becomes workable enough for me to consider upgrading to 🙂 One-of-many things EN should do immediately @ShaneD is get the marketing team to update the EN website. As of today Dec 15, 2020... EN continues to promote tight Outlook/Evernote Integration on it's Pricing/Compare Plans page as a feature-benefit of subscribing!
  19. Well... That only took 8 years to learn! 'ONLY' 😉 cheers
  20. Normally and for as long as I've been using EN Web Clipper (with chrome Browser) on my PC, when I want to clip a webpage etc, I have always 1st clicked the EN Elephant extension-button on my Chrome browser toolbar to launch the Web Clipper. Well I accidentally discovered that pressing the Tilde/Squiggle/backtick/Grave Accent key (see image), or whatever it's called, on the immediate left-side of the 'number one' key on my keyboard launches the EN Clipper in one keyboard press, rather than moving the mouse/cursor to the elephant icon...nice!
  21. Love this! I also just noticed that if I drag the browser URL, 'padlock icon' to the EN Note-List panel, a NEW note is created with: 1- Webpage Page-Title used as Note-Title 2- Webpage Page-Title used to create a Hyperlinked to the webpage in the body of the EN Note 3- Webpage URL added to EN Note URL I hope they do restore this in EN v10
  22. Thanks, that is so cool. I will be using this to create links...nice one. I can confirm that when dragging the URL 'padlock icon' to the EN note-editor window in v6.25 it does indeed create a hyperlink using the web-page page-title. However if dragging the 'padlock icon' to the EN Note-Title bar, it pastes the URL address instead. cheers
  23. Curious. I'm on v6.25 EN-Windows and when I try to grab a Chrome browser Tab, then 'Drag-n-Drop' the Tab to EN, inside note editor or even to the note-list middle pane, all my system/PC does is create a new browser window! it does nothing inside of EN. I wasn't aware you could even do this...how does/did it work for you?
  24. Absolutely and amen brother. The existing 'Thumbnail-Snippet View' takes up way too much screen-real-estate. 'LIST VIEW' is way more efficient... hopefully EN return or launch this feature for web-client 10.5.1+ soon.
  25. To get help from the Guru's, best to let people on the forum know what version of Evernote you are running, and what operating system etc
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