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  1. Perhaps this happens at my end due to a multi-monitor setup, and viewing EN on a screen other than the main screen. Strangely, it's the exact opposite for me, at-least after a few attempts at using CTRL+L vs CTRL+ALT+L ...maybe a result of the down-under, upside down, southern hemisphere thing for those in Australia like me 🤪 -or- CTRL+L being assigned elsewhere...cheers again
  2. Thanks @CalS... another little nugget saved to my Using-Evernote notebook. I knew how to pin a program like EN to the Taskbar, but didn't think to pin a shortcut to a specific EN note, to the desktop, nice. Having said that my Desktop is devoid of any shortcuts as I learned years ago that this is one step to speeding up my PC, not sure if that's still relevant in 2019/2020. One thing to be aware of, when using desktop shortcuts to specific EN notes, is that when clicking the shortcut, prior to the EN program being opened/started, the note you wish to view will be hidden behind the main program window, if when you last viewed the note, any note, it was NOT viewed in Full-Screen. So, to be sure it is viewed on top of EN program window, make sure you viewed your last note in full screen, via double clicking or CTRL+ENTER'ing a note. Windows Desktop Shortcuts -PROCESS: Right-click Desktop Select: New>Shortcut Highlight EN Note in Note-list, or click inside note editor window, then: CTRL+ALT+L (to create a link) Add link to Shortcut window > Click Next Name the Shortcut Cheers
  3. If I recall correctly, I read somewhere that I must wait for EN Web-Clipper to complete before navigating to another app, or browser tab, else it might stall/fail etc, is this right? I only ask as sometimes long form web-pages can take a while to clip. Web-clipper options I have configured include: Default Clip Action = 'Article' After Clip: = 'Show successful clip dialog' I use web-clipper for Chrome on a Windows 10 PC, and use EN-for-Window v6.18.4
  4. Just remember it's Xmas, be giving and 'just do it', click up-vote, for me please, or just do it for President Trump "You got to give me a big win, please, O.K" 😉
  5. My literary skills are, well, lacking. Had to look him up. But I can relate to him saying "The most wasted of all days is one without laughter." Now, where's your two thumbs up on my feature request?
  6. Brilliant idea @RavBoy Why didn't I think of that!? 😅
  7. Love the existing text formatting options I have when using my EN Windows.... and now looking for a few further add-ons please. I'm an ALL CAPS freak, especially to denote sub headings, and so many times I forget to turn-off the Caps-Lock button on my keyboard, only to lookup at my screen after entering a line, or many lines of text, and finding I have used the wrong case-type! At these times I turn to a small PC-installed utility-tool from www.convertcase.net App options include: I simply paste the incorrectly formatted case/text, click the desired case button, copy again, then paste back to EN, and wolla. But what would be great would be if a button on EN menu allowed for the same thing... so 3 more options please: UPPER CASE Capitalise Case lower case Many thanks
  8. I'm still on 6.18.4 and mine does not behave as you describe. My version stays in ALL Notes, however.... I would love to be directed, or land in the Notebook where the Note lives, when navigating to it from a link given in another note...that would be a BIG HELP for me so I'm a +1 Vote for this
  9. According to the EN article Jefito shared above, re EN Helper, the shortcut to 'Clip Screenshot' is: Win + Shift + S -or- just right click the tray icon and select menu option. The shortcut key does NOT work for me... as my MS default installed app 'Snip & Sketch' activates instead (perhaps this shortcut sequence is hijacked). Beyond this, I think you're comments refer to the 'EN Browser Web Clipper' extension for chrome/windows... My last question to Jefito was to distinguish between Browser web-clipper screen capture (just captures area of web browser window) & EN screen capture (captures anywhere on PC screen, including EN app-window). I just didnt know EN had such a thing. But when I tried it I realised it didn't work as well as my existing method, tis all. 😉 cheers mate
  10. Thanks for that info, good to know. Currently I just use/press the print screen button on my keyboard, which allows me to take whole screen, or partial screen, by drag handles for whatever size screen capture i need, then just CTRL+V into my existing note I'm working on. Whereas this EN feature that's accessed via right-click on the EN icon in my tray, creates a new note, for each screen-cap instead of adding to the the note I'm working, so not ideal for me. Even the 'past clipboard' feature creates a new note. Anyway nice to know this feature exists...cheers
  11. My EN Android app installed on my phone also comes with 3 built in widgets that I can choose to add to my Home screen(s) I have installed the existing and available 4 x 2 EN Android Widget - which I note I can adjust its size to fill my whole home screen - so creating more like a 5 x 6 widget -however- I also installed the existing and available 4 x 1 EN Android Widget - NOTE -I cannot adjust its size (via drag handles) at all! So my small, but can live without it request, is please Mr EN, allow me to resize the existing 4 x 1 widget and or add a 5 x 1 widget to the available Android widget options...cheers
  12. I didn't really get what you said, as quoted above. But after just now testing EN-Android 'Full Article' Clip (of a webpage using Android Chrome app, then Share to EN), compared to clipping the same web page using EN Windows, web-clipper for Chrome, the resulting Note clipped on windows was much better, with regards to its formatting, more complete, no missing blocks of info etc etc. So big differences...and I see now how these different clipper applications for each platform create different end results when viewing the resulting clipped notes. And I suspect how websites render on mobiles v desktop PC plays a part also. I have decided that when wanting to capture a webpage, YT video etc, when on my Android phone I will ensure that the EN 'Full Article' option is deselected, this results in a simple bookmark type note containing just a Note Title and URL, that I can later open the URL and clip it again from Windows...so a 2 step shuffle.
  13. These sorts of distinctions really help me to improve my understanding and hence use of EN, cheers. I don't follow. Can you please explain what the Windows based EN Screen Clipper is??? Finally, I did have to wait some time before EN resolved/fixed the screen shots i uploaded...however the clips were still not formatted very well. Again this was when sharing-to-EN/Clipping from EN-android phone. I will try another clip and mid-way through will tap the EN elephant icon and then deselect the 'full article' option and see if the formatting improves... cheers gents for the answers & help
  14. Appears to be sticky; at least it stuck when I tried it again on a different page. Woohoo...Cheers @jefito it worked! When clipping a page from EN Android, pressing the elephant icon while it was performing a 'full article' clip indeed does bring up a box that let me change notebook, and YES the change was sticky, or remained for subsequent clips...nice thanks. BUT we have a new problem Houston!? Clips look strange/appear faulty, when I sync my EN windows app, admittedly only a minute later, and look at the notes/clips just made on EN Android phone... here's an example when Sharing-to-EN/ clipping from different Android Apps: YT, Chrome, News 360 YT-YouTube app (on Android) Google Chrome app (on Android) News 360 app (on Android) So riddle me that, BatMan EDIT: Think perhaps I have to wait like 5+ minutes for EN server to do its thing before syncing my EN Windows...will try now
  15. Yeah, that's my experience also. Never really thought about this till now. I just changed settings in web-clipper (for Chrome) so that both web clipper and EN windows both have same default notebook. My setting was set to 'smart filing', which i might actually switch back to 🥴. I guess my unconsidered-till-now reason for configuring Windows default notebook, has been to try and force other devices to use it. And this approach has worked when using EN on iPad, but not so great on my Samsung Note8 Android EN-App. Will give this a go, thanks. The elephant icon has an outer ring denoting how long/time left to complete the clip, so as long as i can press this inside the on average 2 seconds-to-clip time, then this hopefully will work. Is there another EN web clipper app for Android??? is that what you mean? You're a good man...and i don't care what anyone says! 😜
  16. Hey @gazumped cheers mate. Here's my settings as requested. Note when using EN-for-Windows I'm on version (308489) Public (CE Build ce-62.3.7750)
  17. I use EN-for Windows, most of the time, followed by my Android Phone, and then iPad. On all 3 devices, I have checked and can confirm that my default notebook is displayed/set correctly on all. However when I 'share/clip' a webpage or video, using Android Phone apps such Google Chrome or YouTube, by using the share icon, then select Evernote, EN saves the resulting 'full article' clip to a Notebook that is NOT my default notebook! Any ideas how to fix this? Note: When I do the exact same procedure from my iPad, YES EN-for iPad saves the clip to the correct Default Notebook as expected, so its just happening on my EN-for Android phone. I have 2 of the 3 EN widgets offered, installed on my Android phone home screen(s). When creating a new note using the widget icons, I can confirm that in this instance EN uses my correct default notebook...so the issue only occurs when sharing/clipping from other apps installed on my phone...any ideas how to fix this? cheers EDIT: Can a moderator like @gazumped please put this Post in the EN-for-Android Forum...thought I posted there. This is about my Android Phone app/usage
  18. I don't seem to have this 'clip-as-a-PDF' option in my web-clipper for Google Chrome!? Tried different page reading-modes, but no clip as PDF option...what am I missing/how do you do that?
  19. BEST-workaround Tab 1st! Then enter URL... and can also then add more tabs, as and if required, without the above behaviour you reported, which incidentally was the same on my EN-for-windows, from happening.
  20. As a primarily 'EN-for-Windows' user, the extent to which I use EN' existing search functionality, centres largely on Saved-Searches added to the toolbar as a Shortcut, for easy & quick visual navigation. This has largely been due to an early perception I had, that I couldn't trust EN search results, or it returned to many results to sift through. From that point I adopted an alpha numeric 'notebook' and 'note' naming-convention that allowed me to quickly and easily point-n-click navigate through the hierarchy of Stack > Notebook > Note... to get to what I needed fast, akin to MS File Explorer approach I grew up with. On the odd occasion that my approach given above, failed me, then I would use 'ALL Notes Search' -or- the relevant shortcut keys (see image below) But even this required possibly multiple steps of using one of the Shortcuts or the 'ALL Notes' search. But after seeing the video of the soon to be released new EN search, I am very please with what EN and Team have done, great work and I too am excited to start using it. Indeed it will probably make me do a review of how I add content to EN. The new Search interface has/includes it all (see screenshot below): Notebooks & Tags & Notes & Recent Searches Search results reduce with each additional character entered in the search field, and EN search is looking for those characters anywhere in the text (thinks its called infix) not just the prefix The ability to progressively filter after each search returned search results...awesome I think for me an early issue I had with EN-Search was results being return due to OCR matching... perhaps that's another filter that could be added. In other words, if you're looking for this word specific to an image use this filter/tag or whatever. Anyhoo, awesome and love it, cheers.
  21. Hey @DTLow Thanks very much for your comments/questions, which motivated me to get straight on the subject of EN backup-restore. After reviewing all your comments here, and in another thread I had clipped Automating EN backups?, I agree the 'Print to PDF' format will not be as useful. I confess, I hadn't really applied any logical thought process to this. But believed I should do something, rather than trust/rely exclusively on EN. This is distinct from my PC backup, where I Do trust/rely on Microsoft via MS Onedrive to take care of things (which also includes the EN Db folder/files I occasionally copy to Onedrive synced folder). Your scenarios work for me also. The couple of minor-scenarios that have come up, resulted in me just using the notes-history to recover. But it's the 'Worst-Case' scenario, I want to make sure I have reliable, or functional backups for, that could work on their own, inside just a browser, should EN go dark as you say. I found the HTML 'export-as-multiple-pages' feature works great for that, and all the links, including the in-app links continue to work fine. So if EN never, never, never came back, I could rebuild into another app from there...so the Armageddon solution. I'm looking into getting Backupery as @gazumped recommended (in thread linked to above) as it looks like it can make the whole process simple and give me the peace of mind I'm looking for. Cheers agin
  22. I use EN-for-Windows ( (308489) Public (CE Build ce-62.3.7750). Just discovered the 'Print to PDF' feature, which I'm thinking of including, for select notes, as part of my back-up process. I noticed that in the resulting PDF doc(s), that the hyperlinks to external web pages continue to work fine, as was the case in the source EN-note, yet the Classic/In-App links do nothing, don't go anywhere when clicked! Is there a way, or some config setting, to get the Classic/In-App Note-Links, that were contained in the original EN-note, to continue to function once that note has been exported to PDF, has been 'Printed to PDF'??? cheers
  23. Cheers for that. I've never looked into this before, as never had need to print my notes, but your advice worked perfect, and I noticed the page setup margin adjustments made, also applied to PDF's, when using the 'Print to PDF' function, nice.
  24. This was from a support request i made. Again this is for Windows Version but perhaps it will help you. Since you're seeing "!" on your end, please use these steps to reveal any unsynced notes: 1. Select the Note List View icon and select Top List or Side List 2. At the top of the note list, Select the Sort Icon > Sort notes by > Sync 3. Unsynced notes will be listed with a dot displayed in the Sync column After that you're able to see the unsynced notes, please follow the steps below. 1. Copy and paste the content out of the referenced note into a new note 2. Delete the referenced note 3. Go to your 'Trash' notebook at the bottom of your notebooks list and delete the note from there so it's entirely removed from your account 4. Sync Evernote
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