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  1. To get help from the Guru's, best to let people on the forum know what version of Evernote you are running, and what operating system etc
  2. cool... great find and thanks for sharing. EDIT:* Correction... when I just tested exporting multiple files to HTML... the full titles were retained no issues at all! However instead of getting multiple HTML files they were all merged into one... so if wanting to search in title from MS Explorer, prob better to export whole notebook
  3. I just did a test-export of a Note, exporting as HTML, and selecting ALL available options. Interestingly, the resulting HTML file Meta-data only showed: Created / Updated / Source! So the other options did not appear like it did in your screen-shot...hmmmm EDIT: But then doing an export to HTML test on another note did return 'Author'. So I guess depends on the nature of how the note was created which determines if the metadata was generated.
  4. Sorry, I have no idea. Perhaps you're on to something re the version of Windows one is using, maybe you could upgrade and test again. I'm actually using v2004 which is the next more recent version, however I notice an even later version has been released by Microsoft Interesting! I've never noticed those 'Export Options' before, but when I clicked options to see what was selected, I noticed that none are selected by default when exporting as .HTML. However if clicking the options button, when exporting as .ENEX then all options are auto-selected, and unchangeable/greyed
  5. I'm running Win10 v2004 and have EN-Windows v6.25.1.9091. I just ran a quick export-test of a new note consisting of 171 characters in the title. Both exporting as .enex file and .html successfully retained the full title character length when saved to my PC
  6. Yep... that's exactly the same situation with my EN v6.25.1.9091 for Windows10 IMHO, and given the above 'no updates available', I'd suggest that EN are neither Expecting nor Encouraging people to update. I suspect that once they iron out all the teething issues with v10, they may roll it out via auto-update notifications at that time. Not sure what their roll-out plan is, but it might be on an invitation basis, someone else might answer this. As for me and many others I've read on these forums, I will be holding tight with v6.25 for as long as possible, or the better part of 202
  7. It will, because we are a free market economy! I was being somewhat facetious, stemming from my astonishment at how Ian/EN managed this current/past upgrade & implementation. Perhaps moving forward and in future they will realise that 'money talks' in a free economy and not just their ability to save a buck by more streamlined operations. I mean on one hand Ian said they didn't plan and just got stuck into it, and on the other they surveyed 300,000 users. How does that reconcile... How can they do that much research and not slice and dice the resulting data to reveal the t
  8. @DTLow Just added another more recent interview, posted to YouTube yesterday (for me in Australia, else today for USA) October 18, with Ian Small. He also Time-indexed, Summarised and Linked to the video-interview... awesome thanks DTLow. Click Here for Most recent interview Screenshot
  9. You're welcome, and agree re importance of getting the CEO's views, and how those views can impact users decisions on whether they jump ship, sit tight and wait-and-see, or bite the bullet and go all-in on v10. Perhaps I should have taken another 5 minutes to remove his 'um's and uh's' from the transcript, so as to make it more readbale...in any case a quick scan get people/users the info and insights they need. That's a good way of putting it...and I reckon it would be a mammoth task to achieve a consistent/coherent EN experience across multiple platforms, trying to deliver th
  10. okay so i think I finally got the answers I need from Ian Small, and have posted them over here: Evernote CEO Ian Small Provides Answers to User Questions/Issues re New Evernote Version 10 Release? And Discusses Plans for Next 12 Months to Oct 2021 -SUMMARY
  11. Hooray, we finally get answers to questions I and others raised in thread Will Evernote for Windows New Version 10 Succeed?. Outlined below, you will find I have time-indexed/linked and copy-transcribed key notes from this recent interview with Ian Small, that was released on YouTube on October 8-2020, and as shared by @gazumped in another forum post. The real work in providing these notes to you, was actually listening to the whole 45 minute interview, and another 45 minutes highlighting key comments that I thought relevant to our questions re EN' New Version 10 issues, as I didn'
  12. If only there was someone at Evernote that could make the above happen, could advise what most of us want to know and hear, could allay our doubts, that would be super customer service... who could do that @Ian Small Lets wake him up! All together now. WE WANT @Ian Small... WE WANT @Ian Small... WE WANT @Ian Small Do you at least hear us Ian?????????????????????????????????
  13. Some years back my membership to Anytime Fitness, a 24/7 accessible Gym chain here in Australia, wanted to charge me $75 to replace a FOB key I'd lost! $75... for something that probably cost them a couple of dollars. I was super annoyed, which super motivated me to convert half my double lock-up garage to a professional home gym setup...and it's awesome. I now save a lot of travel time and money on fuel/membership costs etc, plus benefits of the whole family also working out with me in the morning... BIG wins. I'm getting that same motivated feeling again now. I posted this thread in
  14. Cheers.... yeah I just got my wife started on EN via a Basic account on her 4-year old PC. So after hearing of your success think I will upgrade her account/PC and see for myself. thanks
  15. I can live with the loss of features like Outlook Clipper, some temporary inoperable shortcut keys etc, and love that the new version looks modern/clean, and says it has Dark Mode. BUT when I read what the many knowledgeable people on this forum are saying about e.g. the 'Apps Performance Issues' (strange how that thread is labelled 'Answered') amongst many other serious failings and release issues... has me seriously worried about the future, about having to look for alternatives, and how long I can expect to sit on version 6.25 before EN pulls the plug? As currently I have no intention of
  16. The note list is not controlled by the CSS you are changing. (CSS is only used in HTML based views) The note list is a raw Win32 custom control. Hey... not sure what you're referring to. This thread is about changing EN-for-Windows app background color, and my inability to get the Note-list background colour part of Roberts solution, to work... as it did work for him/others.
  17. Hmmn. That happens to me on occasion. Usually because Evernote is busy doing something else. Same here also, especially if I am editing the email title, then saving the email (CTRL+S) to retain edited title, prior to moving/saving to EN. Overall I'd say this happens about 5% of the time. I have 5 different emails accounts added to my MS Outlook Desktop app on my Win10 machine. When this issue persists, I tend to move the email I wish to save from lets say my ravboy@yahoo.com.au Outlook folder into my ravboy@outlook.com folder, as the integration between MS and EN seems to work
  18. Yep downloaded a fresh Evernote.exe and installed again, which returned my EN-for-Windows to old white background for notes. Yep used a fresh batch file, with one incy wincy tiny little colour code change to my gray colour for Note Background, I knew you would be okay with that!? 😉 ... all else EXACTLY the same... BUT still no change to Note List background, will come back in another 2 years, happy with my progress for now, besides dont want you to throw the keyboard at your monitor, lol... thanks again ✌
  19. This is SEXY and you @RobertJSawyer are AWESOME... a Very BIG Thank you 🙂 It looks great. I finally got it working, after adding an exception to my BitDefender Antivirus, and also learning how run a batch file using the CMD app as Administrator, versus double clicking the batch file from File Explorer (and of course ensuring All Evernote Apps/Clippers were closed beforehand) Here's a screenshot of how it looks for me: The only remaining issue I now have, is that the 'Note List' did not change... I suspect it is due to the 3 lines of code I removed from your .bat fil
  20. Thanks again @RobertJSawyer I also received a reply about this from Juergen Thumm at Stahlworks, and he suggested downloading the Swiss File Knife App (sfk.exe) using the SourceForge link on his website, see his comments attached below...cheers *EDIT 1- I just used the SourceForge link as advised above by Juergen (see image), and my BitDefender Antivirus first had a BIG issue with the actual webpage flashing warnings of it being a dangerous page, and did I wish to continue, then once I said yes continue to page and downloaded the sfk197.exe file Bitdefender once agai
  21. @RobertJSawyer The sfk.exe file downloaded from the Stahlworls.com link you posted is causing my Bitdefender Antivirus to remove it from my downloads folder and C:tools due to an Identified Trojan it contains... What's your opinion/advice re this file/Stahlworks etc being safe?
  22. Thanks Robert. I will learn some more re batch files, but it appears that if not using the Command Prompt, I can just double click it from its folder location in MS Explorer in order to run it. Referring to the process I followed, and outlined above... at what Step # Number would I run the batch file please? Re the command line, yes I will remove the spaces (I had copy and pasted wrong line from 2 years ago that I reused/copied) Finally, and given you and @blakesphere didn't comment on the folder 'Read Only' issues I described, do I take that to mean that this is not an issue? Ea
  23. Hey @RobertJSawyer your new post motivated me to take another stab at this some 2 years on from my last failed attempt to get it to work. Here's the Process I followed: But Nada...it just said said '1 files checked, 0 changed' see screen-shot: I diligently checked and double checked each step in the process...so any thoughts on what I'm missing would be greatly appreciated...cheers *EDIT 1- I read yours and @jefito answer to this issue from another user and can confirm all advice given then was followed. Do I need to run the sfk.exe file on my co
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