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  1. I love love love this feature given on OneNote' Menu Bar. It would be Super Awesome if Evernote could give us this as well...please and thank you.
  2. When it works this stuff is great..when it doesn't...yikes. Yeah my issue was EN successfully syncing/or not, depending on file attachment size... however when i change WiFi networks the problem is gone and EN syncs fine, as it should. Good luck
  3. Hey @enjoybangkok I just referred to your issue, and perhaps what has worked for me, temporarily, may also work for you... see here Can't Attach LARGE Files (Images-Videos-Emails) on EN-Win-App or EN-Web
  4. Good ideas, suspect why they asked for router serial number. Will check in with them about it. Thanks again mate 👍
  5. In his Search for the Truth; for his Diligent Detective Skills; and for Demonstrating Incredible & Selfless Bravery Under Fire, I award the 'You are Da Man' medal of honour at Identifying the 'True Culprit' of the Issue to @PinkElephant Close runner-ups, honorable mentions, and much much thanks must also be given to @gazumped, @jefito, and @CalS cheers 😉 The Culprit and Real Cause was Not EN, at-least not on its own, but indeed was/is my WiFi ISP Network! PinkElephant 1st suggested it when I started my explorations on this forum, in this post Sync does not work properly Anyway, not much extra thought was given to his comments at the time, however an idea in the back of my mind had sprouted then, which lingered from that moment on, and that was, when I reset/unplugged the power chord from my router, night before everything went awry, the thing I did different was to leave the router disconnected/un-powered all night... where usually I just wait 5-min and reconnect. The idea or aha moment, came at the wee hours this morning, when I was forced to use a different internet browser to access EN Online Chat Support (due to message input box not rendering on Win-Chrome browser), combined with my really dedicated EN-Tech-Support guy Nic, who had also spent hours helping me try to resolve, where he also suggested looking at my ISP as a troubleshooting item (see our email-screencaps attached). Nic at Tech Support really restored my faith in EN Support, was just an unbearable journey to get someone dedicated to the case. I mean they make EN so damn sticky and central to what we do, what do they expect...lol The temporary workaround solution, and suggested trouble shooting step I'd recommend to anyone with a similar issue, was/is to disconnect my PC, from my normal day-to-day router/WiFi/ISP, and instead connect to a different WiFi Network. In my case, my 4G Android Phone via a Mobile HotSpot. Result = I can now sync Large Attached files such as 100 MB Videos, large images etc... and fortunately my Mobile Phone WiFi has good speed and good data/bandwidth allocation. I'm not a Techy but when I look at sections of @enjoybangkok activity log, compared to my own, I notice similarities, see comparisons below, so perhaps he should also try the same. HIS EN ACTIVITY LOG 12:02:19 [ERROR ] [5876] [3800] 0% Can't send HTTP request, error: INTERNET_CONNECTION_RESET 12:02:19 [INFO ] [5876] [4384] Client synchronization finished, status: failed 12:02:19 [ERROR ] [5876] [4384] * error: Could not connect to Evernote server 12:02:19 [INFO ] [5876] [4384] * elapsed time: 1m 20s MY EN ACTIVITY LOG 11:17:58 [ERROR ] [8088] [2128] 0% Can't send HTTP request, error: INTERNET_TIMEOUT 11:17:58 [INFO ] [8088] [2104] Client synchronization finished, status: failed 11:17:58 [ERROR ] [8088] [2104] * error: Could not connect to Evernote server 11:17:58 [INFO ] [8088] [2104] * elapsed time: 2m 28s Unfortunately, and after half-a-day on the phone to my ISP Support today... no amount of factory resetting the router, changing channels or running Ping/Netstat/Trace Route Tests etc to Evernote.com, have identified or fixed the networking WiFi issue. So I am forced to wait a further few days for them to escalate it until they do 'aye karumba'. Will advise once i know more...cheers again
  6. I haven't yet tried. Others have mentioned/recommended it... will surely do so soon, cheers
  7. I just tried using another browser, inthis case Internet Explorer...and the chat box opened as clear separate chat box, and the message input field is all there...yippee, hooray, a win at last. To be clear, the issue I was having was when using Chrome for Windows Version 74.0.3729.169 (Official Build) (64-bit) EDIT: MS Edge browser also works fine when trying to access EN Chat feature
  8. Im now on to EN Chat online but using my Phone browser. My phone browser has a message input field/box. However when using chrome on desktop and logged into EN chat support, NO message input box appears...at least for me on my browser/PC
  9. I'm a premium paid user. Just tried accessing chat support, as being down-under in the Southern hemisphere feels worse than making a return call between Mars and Earth, in terms of resolving my now 5-day technical support issue. The EN Chat dialogue box/popup doesn't seem to be responsive or allow me to actually input a message. I know its now 7am UTC-6 time so they are open but the chat popup seems non-functioning!? See image for how it looks to me...and yes I am logged in/on How do i actually initiate a chat, if i can't input a message?
  10. No I haven't tried that. Will see if I can test that. Well it's just ticked over as 7am UTC -6 time so better get chatting to Tech Support 😉
  11. Yes... it's a similar story. When I attempt to attach a file, image/video etc, to a new or existing note on EN-Web, after some time an error message pops up saying: "Couldn't upload. Please check your network connection and Try again
  12. If it were you @jefito, how would you trouble shoot that? Or do you know of any help articles etc re this? cheers EDIT: Also I just had another graphics-image rich email that I sent to EN using the EN-addon installed on my desktop MS-Outlook app. Again the new note was created just fine... but then it again failed to sync (red exclamation mark, no error message) . I decided to whittle this new note down, by deleting the graphic hyperlink buttons, and remove all images. Tried syncing again, and wolla, it synced! This is the thing that confuses me as to the possible issue-source... is it EN, or My PC, or my Account!
  13. 😅 Thanks mate... that made me laugh, a sort of sad and miserable laugh. It's been 5 days with Tech support, and I'm no closer to any resolution. In fact the only reason I saw your post-notification was when i was directed to it from here... see one of the options in in the image I was hoping to find a contact Telephone number for support and actually get on the phone to someone... but no joy, as they don't provide phone support, so that's another win for OneNote! Chat support is my next attempt, if i can figure out the time differences. And with respect I reckon I'm better sticking with you guys than Evernote support any day of the week as you and the other gurus have been way more helpful...but hey that's just me.
  14. ...I'm trying to get what you're suggesting as a workaround. Are you saying leave the attachments in a separate cloud storage, then somehow create a link to it from the EN Note?
  15. well, i haven't tried that... but so far any large emails that are long-form and have graphics embedded, mostly fail to sync, though some do make it. I suspect if added any of the large image-files i have tested and failed to sync, to an email 1st, that they too would also fail...but i will give it a shot
  16. In the demo video of the issues I'm having, that EN Tech support requested, I showed myself searching for random images on Google, large pixel dimension images, then downloading any random large image. So it's not any 1 specific file/attachment. It's not like one-file that I am repeatedly attempting to sync is corrupted... it's any and all Large files.
  17. Oh ok...so like a 2-step sidestep thingy. Getting the file to attach, via drag-n-drop, or when using the attach file paper-clip icon, is not the issue. The image/video or even large graphics rich email is attached to a note no problem. But then when I click sync (i have my system configured for manual sync), the sync wheel spins for anywhere between 3-5 minutes before ultimately returning the red exclamation syn failure notification-icon. However small files/images etc sync just fine... so upload is not an issue. However on EN-Web, the file-attachment will not upload at all. I'm currently trying/running an optimize database process...but EN and Db was only installed yesterday so that's probably useless but I'm trying everything
  18. Great idea, never even thought of something like that. But for me that would sort of defeat the main benefit/feature of EN that I love, which is the 'One app/system to rule them all' when it comes to information storage/management... well kind-a. Indeed this whole experience has led me to do a lot of feature comparison between OneNote & EverNote these past few days. And on the criteria item of uploading syncing files/attachments to a note, OneNote is so far kicking ass... esp for speed. However OneNote has an attachment size limit of 100MB whereas EN is 200MB... so in the scenarios where I have had for example a training course video of 380MB that I want to upload, I have split the video in 2 parts then shared across 2 EN-Notes... in OneNote only 1 Note is required as OneNote has NO Note Limit. Sera sera... ...as in Windows safe Mode? or is there something special I need to do in EN?
  19. Cheers @CalS I got a response from EN-Tech Support... They asked me to turn my BitDefender Antivirus off and try again on EN-Web. Well I literally just did that and once again it failed (see image) So next step is they have requested access to the note/my account so they can reproduce it...urrrggghhh. We really come to appreciate how much we need it when it doesn't work 😉 Thanks for running your test as well. Yeah until 5 days ago, I too had zero issue with upload/sync. And by the way I have latest EN version running on Windows 10 latest pC with SSD 6 core i7-9750 Intel chip with 16 GB ram ....so a very fast machine
  20. The technical support team came back to me on Friday requesting I make a video demonstrating all the issues I'm experiencing. I did as requested, and showed my inability to upload/sync large attachments (images/videos/emails etc)... actually it's mostly just sync, as the files do upload to EN-for Windows, but simply wont sync, and no errors are generated. The EN web client however says can't upload when i attempt to upload the same files. Not being a techy, I wonder if its some change in my BitDefender anti-virus or network settings, as i know I'm the only one experiencing this buggy behaviour. Still no word from tech support since Friday... so today I went the nuclear option and completely wiped EN off my system.. process i followed: Signed out and exited EN for Windows Deleted Chrome EN Clipper Extension Uninstalled EN-for-Windows using REVO Uninstaller Shut Down and rebooted PC Downloaded EN install files and ran setup Logged in and let EN rebuild my database (took 2 hours for this with 4788 notes) Result = NO CHANGE! I still can't sync any uploads/emailed-notes or attachments that are large The sync wheel of death just spins for 3-5 minutes each time I attempt a large upload, and then just return red-sync failure icon...and no error message. This is super weird/strange. Anyone have any other ideas please?
  21. Thanks very much guys for the feedback...greatly appreciated. Perhaps I shouldn't be so quick then to point the finger at EN as 'the culprit' 😉 will do more test this morning, now 6.40 am Australia time... then maybe see if resetting my WiFi network has some impact plus learn if i have anything noteworthy from EN support, as they did say they were sending it up to the technical team. But again at my end, the only thing that was done, was leaving my WiFi off all night, the night before i started experiencing issues. cheers again
  22. I haven't. Didn't know I could so cheers for that. About to go Nuclear option and wipe everything of EN from my system, clean and purge system, then re-install everything see if that does the trick. Thanks for your help.
  23. I'm suffering bad with EN last 2 days. No new notes that are larg'ish or long-form type thingy's are syncing. Whether adding an image to a new or existing note, or trying to save-to-EN, my emails from MS Outlook desktop client that has EN-addon installed. Normally these types of notes have never been an issue, and I can't point to any changes either in updating EN, my system etc... Small images are fine, small emails that aren't graphic/image rich save to EN and sync fine etc. And all other uploads to other online locations work fine. I have dealt with 4 people today...see image below
  24. Going From Bad to Worse... I have the EN add-on for MS Outlook email client/app on my PC. Short basic text-based emails go across and sync fine, but if the email is longer in height with graphics etc then it does not sync! The add-on creates a note, i see it appear in EN desktop app...but when i attempt to sync it, after about 2 minutes of watching the sync icon spin it just finishes with the red exclamation mark, so i delete the new note-from-email...re-sync and is all is well again in the world. And no error message given. EN is killing me these past 2 days. Support is trying but it seems like every email I send them in response to their reply emails is from a diff customer support person who doesn't know what i've given/provided to the last person... urrrrgggghhhh
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