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  1. Hey Jefito, only takes a second to drag-n-drop the text (or even to cut-n-paste it)...she's not perfect but removing the line-break uses less real estate, less scrolling, and views better on Android... so I'm happy to spend the short 1-sec time to do it 😉 No doubt this is a legacy from my OCD keeping neat notes at school thingy. so far this small workaround has worked over past 5 updates... or past year approx, but yeah hopefully EN can fix it one day, small thing though Appreciate the compliment 😃 from the Master 😉 Please don't! I/we need you xoxoxoxo 1st, I learned it's not what you know; it's who you know... then I realised it's actually both! But full disclosure I use to be Country manager for a Business intelligence App on top of SAP...me biased slightly towards presentation... crikey I find myself align to Trump...yikes Be really great if EN fixed these things...especially 1st and last points I just move the whole MS Word Doc to EN (I don't have much need these days to paste sections of a Word Doc), then delete it from my PC... then just open and edit the Doc from EN. If I don't delete the original on the PC, that Doc wont get edited, when editing the doc attached in EN, so get a mismatch of doc versions. Small issues flow from this approach though e.g. Word Doc Attachment in EN date/time of edit/update is NOT shown!... it just always just shows the date/time you 1st attached the Doc to EN. And the Ms Word Doc you attach should have been created using a latest version of MS-Word, else you may experience issues if editing it from other devices/platforms other than EN-for-Windows. But at least you get all the goodies of MS Word (navigation pane/formatting etc) and all held in EN... these again are just my own experiences thus far. And I too recall having similar issues with copy/paste Sections-of-a-MS-Word doc to EN. Do NOT Delete the top line! Just place cursor on that top-line position and type. doesn't matter if table is on first line of a new notes body, an existing note, or whatever. There has been the rare occasion where neither of my 2 workarounds work... in which case what I do is, still remove the line break, copy the whole line of text+table, then re-paste into a position a few lines above or below on the same note, and that has worked... in any case I have ALWAYS been able to remove that line-break, and have it retained through various EN updates etc Love you guys.... P.S. Even had to remove spaces from the text lines and quote boxes....hahahah
  2. I think you're talking about the extra line-break/spacing that EN adds above a table, and as distinct from the just larger spacing EN applies to a line of text that is placed directly above a table, (as per your image), and as compared to the regular reduced line-spacing EN applies between two lines of text. I too don't like this additional line-break added above a table. Someone once gave me a good techy explanation for it, but I can't remember. Also, how large/small/number of columns-rows/formatting etc of the Table has no impact on this line-break behaviour. In any case I have found 2-Workarounds to remove the additional line-break are: Add your Table 1st... Then place cursor directly above table, and enter your text If Text added 1st, followed by a Table, (EN inserts additional line) > Select/Highlight Text, and Drag to the line directly above the Table To check, sync and exit the Note, then come back in to see if it was saved
  3. RavBoy

    The Color Purple

    How are you getting 'Dark Mode' for your EN for Windows app???
  4. EN acknowledged that the article might be a little misleading and so will look at revising it. They re-iterated that the person who shared it is the only one who can revoke access and thereby remove a shared note from the shared with me section. I think it would be nice if we the recipients had the ability to delete these notes the same way "WhatsApp" (messaging app) allows me to 'delete for me' messages received from others. Copy of EN reply attached below...
  5. I love EN 😍 (got to get that T-shirt made). It's absolutely central to everything I do online. It's rolled the once many apps I used in to one, in a similar way my smartphone has rolled the once many separate hardware devices I used in to one. And having it be accessible from anywhere, means I no longer worry (as much) about backing up my local PC based files, flexibility, etc, and for the most part EN has worked great for me. I was really thrilled by Ian Small blog post, especially the part about making EN consistent across platforms, so I entirely agree with what Gazumped said. I mean it's great their transparent about their Big Picture Plans for 2019 "The Talk"... but at some point that must translate into action... into a list of "Inconsistencies" (as per CalS below) across devices that they've identified, leading to a prioritised-list of what will get done first and by when... When their also transparent about that list, the 2019 action plan, perhaps the cynic in me and others I've read in this post ("heard it before"), will start to have more faith, now that we can see rubber actually hitting the road "The Walk" Show us the detailed NEXT STEPS, the EN 2019 Prioritised-List of Tasks Action Plan Mr Small
  6. The answer from EverNote Support is YOU CAN'T DELETE THEM! You have to ask the person who shared the note with you, to revoke access...and I quote EN: " you don't have an access to delete the notes that is shared with you by others. The only option is to contact the person who owns that note and ask them to remove your access to the note " See attached screen-shot of the EN-Support email-reply to my support ticket for their full answer. Also attached is the image referred to...or link here EDIT: I just did a little more research on EN Help & learning pages re Work Chat Shared Notes and found some info that IMHO seems to contradict what they're saying so I have just replied to above ticket with a further question see attached. Will update once i get a response.
  7. I'm using EN-for-Windows, version (308094) Public (CE Build ce-58.1.6897). When using EN Web Clipper in Google Chrome on Windows PC, It's easy to find an existing Tag (or Notebook) to add to a new clipping/note. Just start entering some letters/characters and EN Clipper shows/suggests Tags where those letters appear, regardless if the letters appear at the beginning (prefix), middle (infix) or end of the Tag. BUT, in En-for-Windows when I go to add a new Tag to a Newly created or Existing Note (in the Tag-Field, above the Note-Body), this same functionality is NOT provided. EN only shows Tags where the letters entered appear at the beginning or prefix... which would be okay if I used just single word Tags, but in my case I tend to use multi-word Tags e.g. Evernote/Tags/iPad So if I entered 'ipa' into the web clipper, looking for the above Tag, EN-Clipper would show/suggest the above Tag that could then be chosen... but not so on EN-for-Windows... at least AFAIK? Attached images shows the difference. This seems really strange that EN don't provide the same function on the main App but it's available on the Clipper...or perhaps I'm missing something or not using it right Anyone else see or experience this, or know how to fix/workarounds etc?
  8. Did that...didn't work When I right-click the notebook "workchat notes" in the "Shared with Me" folder from left panel - nothing, no menu appears, so no option to delete the 'notebook' When I right click the visible note from the middle Note-list panel...there is a menu on right-click BUT not option to 'delete' The only options to delete are, and with the note selected... 1) the delete icon in the tool-bar top-right... and 2) From the main Menu > Edit > delete. But again nothing! Failed to delete!? and again did the sign-out sign-in thing... whats the issue you think? Also does the left-panel shared with me disappear if there's nothing in it? cheers
  9. My Scenario: MS Win10 + Google Chrome Browser + using EN for Windows Desktop App ( (307934) Public (CE Build ce-53.4.6770) during day-to-day business hours use. Other than that I occasionally use my iPad or Android Smartphone mostly just to view/reference stuff via the EN installed apps...so I rarely use the EN Website from any device. I do NOT believe it is possible in 2018, to create a note-link that is shared/added on other websites (or an email), that will then take/connect you to the Note on the MS Windows DESKTOP App vs the EN WEB App/website, when clicked. I think EN discontinued this functionality in order reduce conflicts/or to standardise things across platforms. https://blog.jasonfrasca.com/open-evernote-note-links-directly-on-the-desktop-again-5ccd8bfaa48a suggests a solution, that ultimately requires the use/creation of an EN 'Classic Link'. The article however is dated 2014. The only way I was able, that I could find, to create a 'Classic Link' e.g. " evernote:///view/.../ " was to 1st go online and logon to EN Web (not my EN Desktop App)... Then hover over an 'IN-APP' link to the Note, that I wish to link to (so had to create the in-app link as well)... then copy and paste this in to the desired application, in my case Asana. Problem is the 'Classic Link' was not recognised by Asana nor was it recognised in a test email I created using my MS Outlook desktop client...so no can do unfortunately. So My Feature Request is: Please Add an OPTION to create a Link that could either open the Note in EN Web or EN Windows Desktop App.
  10. WORKAROUND FOUND!!! 😀 Dabbled with this before, but couldn't get across the line, so i tried it again just now and yeah you're right it works great, now adopted, cheers. Shame I can't drag a Tag from the picker box straight to the note as I can with normal Tags displayed in Left Panel YOU CAN DRAG THE TAG FROM THE TAG PICKER/SEARCH BOX THINGY (OR TAG LIST IN LEFT PANEL)! AND YES THE LEFT-PANEL SEARCH FEATURE DOES LOOK FOR THE CHARACTERS ANYWHERE IN THE TAG-LABEL - UNLIKE THE PREFIX ONLY SEARCH IN THE TAG FIELD ABOVE THE NOTE-BODY You just have to drag the Tag to the Notes Tag-Field - NOT - the Note-Body, yippee. So solution is: IF - LEFT PANEL EXPANDED ALT+F2 -or- Click Magnifying Glass icon next to 'Tags' menu option - to open search box Find Tag (search using a few characters, or can scroll through list) Left Click the Tag, while holding down left-mouse button drag to the Note Tag-Field IF - LEFT PANEL COLLAPSED (EASIEST IMHO) ALT+F2 -or- just click Tag icon Find Tag (search using a few characters, or can scroll through list) Left Click the Tag, while holding down left-mouse button drag to the Note Tag-Field -OR- even simpler Just do a CTRL+Q from anywhere/anytime and presto... thanks @gustavgi
  11. Hi Gazumed...I know in advance the Tag I want to add, and in the case of my multi-word Evernote Tags, (I have 60)...I normally just type 'eve' in to the tag field then use the scroll bar to find the tag to add... Think this just comes down to what you know v what you don't, and past decisions made based on this. But I do want a clean/organised Tag-View Screen... again I'm a very visual, OCD, hierarchical person. But always willing to change. e.g an image you shared on a post the other day re using List-View (with date clums 1st) ...well I now went from snippet view to List view...with 'Title' being the only column visible, I was like "why do i need thumbnails", BIG improvement. Great Tip... and added to my source info repository on EN Tags, cheers Dabbled with this before, but couldn't get across the line, so i tried it again just now and yeah you're right it works great, now adopted, cheers. Shame I can't drag a Tag from the picker box straight to the note as I can with normal Tags displayed in Left Panel Another nugget, cheers... yeah Alt F2 worked...awesome Hey Jefito, yes please do mate, cheers So maybe the 'Priorities for 2019' message from the new CEO, on the EN Blog, re making all things "more coherent, more consistent across platforms" will result in this tiny thing added to the list. Thank you all
  12. I'm using EN-for-Windows, version (308094) Public (CE Build ce-58.1.6897). After reading through the recent "Nesting Multiple Notebooks" post, I made the distinction that it's not an either/or argument re EN Notebooks and Tags, but instead for me it will now be both! I concluded that as I use EN-for-Windows, vs other platforms, more than 95% of the time, that using Tag Hierarchies (Nested Tag Folders) on the Tag View Screen (CTRL+SHIFT+T) or from Left Panel would be even easier than the existing method I use for searching or looking up info, which again I do visually (I don't like EN search functionality, think it's ineffective and takes longer then navigating visually) by navigating through Stacks > Notebooks > Note Titles (whilst in snippet view). Now even though a BIG reason I purchased EN was for its cross-platform usability, I have accepted the fact that EN did NOT apply this same cross-platform logic to give us the same Tag Hierarchies/Nested Tag functionality on IOS or Android, but I can live with that. So here I am re-organising/labelling and cleaning up all my Tags, and I was struck by the inability EN have given us to Collapse/Un-collapse all Tags. This becomes a real pain when you do a Tag Search from the Tag-View Screen, and you've already got many many Nested Tags/Tag Hierarchies... because as soon as you start typing the first letters of the Tag you're looking for, EN highlights, and automatically expands every Tag in the Tag-hierarchy where Tags contain those letters. The issue - is that after doing the search and clearing the search field, you can't re-collapse everything!!! You're just left with one big mess of fully expanded Tags/Tag Folders in both the Tag-View screen/Left panel Tags. Which unlike manually having to collapse 2 levels of Stacks and Notebooks is a big job when you've got lots of levels/deeply nested Tag Folders I'm pretty sure that they gave us Tag Hierarchies to make things easier, more user friendly, right? Then doesn't it stand to reason, that we should be able to easily collapse/un-collapse all Tags again after using that Tag-View search field? And what about the right-click Tag option of 'remember view settings'... I can't see what if anything this does...anyone know??? This is only a temporary issue, as once all my Tags are organised I will no longer need the TAG-View-Screen search field... But please EN: Make Tag Hierarchies available on all platforms Make ALL Tags/Tag Hierarchies easily collapsible / un-collapsible Please and thank you
  13. Yeah I've noticed the 'remember view settings' right-click menu option appears when a specific Notebook, Tag, and/or Saved Search is selected. I can see the saved view settings effect on an individual Notebook or Saved Searches, as evidenced by the highlighted tick that later appears to the left of the 'remember view settings' menu option.... But this does not happen when doing the same thing on the Tags View screen, but it does when selecting Tags from the Left Panel !!! Can't figure it out... EDIT...ok I got it it just doesnt work from Tags selected within the Tags View Screen...ahh the simple things
  14. Before ...it didn't for me, just the prefix After doing as quoted above, the tag-picker, left panel search now does 'infix' as you say perfectly...yeehah. And now I have a way of searching without making mess of the Tag Hierarchies in the Tags View screen... many thanks 😊 Finally do you @jefito or @CalS or @gazumped or @DTLow or anyone know/have an answer re...quoted below
  15. RavBoy

    Tag search/sidebar

    That's the one! Needs to be disabled/un-checked to prevent the Tags expanding in the left-panel
  16. I just noticed the little search magnifying-glass icon to the right of the 'Tags' label/button (next to the '+' icon), in the Left Panel. I gave it a shot at searching, and to my surprise it did not result in expanding all the Tag Hierarchies as discussed above, great. But... the difference with this search function, is that with each letter entered into this search field, EN only looks for these letters when/where they occur at the BEGINNING of your Tags Labels... as opposed to to the finding the letters ANYWHERE in the Tag Label when using the Tag-Search field on the Tags-View screen!!! Can't figure why they would make this different?
  17. RavBoy

    Tag search/sidebar

    That's what I thought was happening for you... if it's a mystery for @jefito then this is gonna be a tough one... maybe @gazumped @CalS can also weigh in as these guys are awesome. I tried again, played with some options, but couldn't get mine to do as your does, strange
  18. RavBoy

    Tag search/sidebar

    I believe @justacat is having a similar issue to mine, see here. I think he/she is referring to the search-field-box that appears on the Tags-View screen, as distinct from, or different to, the standard Notes-Search field/box seen at the top of the column with 'Note List' enabled (F11), or as seen on Quick Search accessed via CTRL+Q. IF he/she was talking about a standard 'tag:whatever" search in the standard Notes Search then I too am NOT experiencing the issue as described.
  19. RavBoy

    sorting notes

    I tried the top-list view (I always like using 'snippet view'), and activated the 'subject' column as you suggested. On a quick glance through, NO data was populating in that column... so I think your comment quoted below may be accurate for the EN-for-windows app. Would be good if EN 'sorts' this out, pun intended. Hard to believe that an app/company as big as these guys have such limited info in their help & learning, see How to change the sort order of your notes ...cheers
  20. RavBoy

    sorting notes

    maybe I'm not getting you but I'm asking about sorting my notes by 'SUBJECT' ... Where is there a SUBJECT field when creating a note? Where do I enter a notes subject descriptor/info, in order to be able to sort-by-subject. I think you mean enter it in the date field...but on my app in Windows I can only enter a date
  21. RavBoy

    sorting notes

    I can see on my latest version of EN-for-Windows an option to sort notes by 'subject' amongst many others...but where is the 'subject' field???
  22. Ok, so double clicking the .enex file on my laptop from the windows explorer folder, or right clicking the file and selecting open, both resulted in the popup notification saying it was imported, but again no import notebook was in fact created and no note imported!? However when I used the EN-for-windows app and went: File>Import>Evernote Export Files... this worked fine. Is the double click approach suppose to work?
  23. I predominantly use EN-for-Windows, and am currently on version (308094) Public (CE Build ce-58.1.6897) Note... I found no useful info/answers when searching 'EN Help & Learning' that answers this, or anything really, on 'copy note' or 'duplicate note'. Only after thinking about this, it dawned on me that perhaps EN's intention is (my guess): > Copy Note - When wanting to copy to a 'different' notebook (but interesting how the menu-bar drop-down, or right-click menu, says 'copy note' instead of 'copy to notebook' like I think it once did) > Duplicate Note - When wanting to copy to the 'same' notebook you're currently working from Sometimes I need to create some quick copies of a new-note, that has the bare bones of the notes structure in place, for example: Note-Title Prefix, Tags, Note Body-Content Title, Table etc... and during these one-off times, creating an EN Template wouldn't help, as additionally Templates don't keep Note-Title or Tags, I believe, just the note-body content. Anyway I discovered: COPY-NOTE (SAME NOTEBOOK) TEST RESULTS: Tag(s) -REMOVED 'copy' note-title annotation -NOT ADDED Note-Reminder -RETAINED Note Creation Date -NEW DATE/TIME ADDED DUPLICATE-NOTE (SAME NOTEBOOK) TEST RESULTS: Everything was duplicated perfectly Tag(s) -RETAINED 'copy' note title annotation- ADDED Note-Reminder-RETAINED Note Creation Date -ORIGINAL-NOTE DATE/TIME RETAINED Not a biggy, but might help improve usability if EN cleared this up, or just explained it better, as from here on I will just use 'Duplicate-Note' then drag to the notebook I want, if indeed I need it in another notebook, but most of time I use this when in the same notebook. I also questioned why the 'note-reminder' is retained ...and why the 'copy' note-title annotation is NOT added when using 'copy-note'? Which are you guys using - Copy or Duplicate?
  24. Didn't like the idea of leaving the EN platform, but wanted to try this, so I did. As I've never restored an EN ENEX file before (from prior backups) I had to tell Windows which app to use/associate 1st, so I selected EN app.exe. Then when I double-clicked the file, it said 'imported' as a popup notification on my laptop screen...but I couldn't find where the new note was created/imported to? I looked in all notes and sorted by creation date..not there. I looked for an import folder/notebook... none created! What am I missing please? cheers. I will also review how to restore EN backup files
  25. I realised this, only this morning, and exactly as you stated/explained it. Yeah 'Duplicate Note' happens immediately upon clicking it, meaning the note will always and only be copied to the notebook one is working in. Whereas if I click 'copy note' the next step is a dialogue box to choose the notebook destination, plus it does indeed display 2 options at the bottom re preserving Creation date and Tags. Well I'm straight on this now, thanks, need to pay better 'attendion to dedail' and or go out and buy 'EN for Dummies'...lol 😉 cheers