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  1. I'm using a EN-desktop app on Windows 10 laptop... and clip using EN-Web Clipper extension for Chrome I have loads of stacks, 20+, and notebooks, 200+. When using the Clipper, and after selecting 'clipping format', the next clipping field is 'organization'. I click the down-arrow on this field to reveal the search box, and also to show all my stacks/notebooks. Most of the time I already know the notebook I wish to clip to, and just start entering the name in the search field to easily find/select it... but sometimes I scroll through the list, through a long list... so my question is, is there anyway to have this list populate, or be shown as a rolled-up/collapsed Stack view?
  2. I never thought of that...and now trying to think how i might use it. I think the easiest way would be to open the note in EN Web interface, make sure the note is full screen, then use a Chrome extension like Fireshot, my favorite, to capture entire page
  3. Where were you? I needed the above advice years ago πŸ˜‰
  4. In some of my notebooks, I use special characters in a Note-Title - to use as what I call a separator note to provide a visual cue to important notes above. And the characters have always displayed just fine in the 'Note Title Field'! But... as soon as i played with adding @DTLow icons ...πŸ‘πŸ˜©πŸ’•πŸ˜”πŸ˜ŒπŸ˜ΊπŸ™€πŸ±πŸΆπŸ­πŸ΄πŸ₯¨πŸ₯“πŸ€πŸ„β€β™€οΈ to the same note title... well, all my separator note titles no longer display and instead I get the boxes like you describe! 😞 Not a biggy - but i hope it somehow resolves
  5. Hey @logandb ... I just reconnected to my multi-monitor setup, then via Win10 settings, configured my high-res laptop as the primary main screen. Next I opened EN and made sure the EN app-interface was moved to the laptop display, as I normally have EN set to open on monitor/screen #3 (my laptop is screen #1), and like you as i dragged it across it was blown out displaying huge across all screens, so had to simply maximise the window on the laptop. And then just shut down the laptop. I then logged back on to my PC, opened EN, but it was still unresponsive... so I completely signed out all users, and signed back in, then wolla. I am now able to View Left Panel via F10 shortcut key or via App-Menu options....and I kept toggling F10 many many times and no issue. The only out-of-the-ordinary observation, is that this time round, I was also able to resize the left panel and the centre-panel-note list ( I use side-view)... to any column-widths I liked, well nearly any! The editor window just continually resized to fit, exhibiting behaviour like any responsive website does when you resize a browser window...not sure if that's normal but at least I can view left panel. Plus when I do toggle 'View Left Panel' via F10 or View>Menu...it maintains the last ridiculous column width I set. So now I am able to resize the left panel 80-85% of the screen with the centre note list like 15%, and have the editor window not even display! Weird and strange. But a win because at least now I have more display-flexibility than before...lol. Hope this info may help.
  6. Well, nope, playing with settings did nothing. My last idea is to make my laptop the 'Main Display' before unplugging from the multi-monitors. Because normally one of the other large 32" (1920x1080) monitors acts as the primary or main display. Perhaps this will resolve it.
  7. Weird right? ...and like I said, on mine, it will actually work for a few go's in the beginning of a session, and then just stops, becomes unresponsive. Maybe there's a Win10 setting we need to adjust, or something to toggle on/off again in the Win10 display settings, when we unplug from the multi monitors, that will allow the EN-for-Windows app' Left Panel to view? I will have a play around now, and update you later. Not sure if it matters but is your laptop screen 4K also? cheers
  8. I normally have a multi-monitor display setup, where my 4K Win10 laptop, projects to an additional 2 other 1920 x 1080 screens. But right now I'm using the laptop just on its own, whilst working from my lounge. However I've noticed, that the 'View Left Panel' options, normally toggled on/off via pressing F10 shortcut key (fn+F10 keys on my laptop), or navigating to Menu>View> and clicking 'Left Panel' works fine in the beginning of each session, but then after some time becomes unresponsive and just stops working!? It happened both yesterday and today, with the only fix that appears to restore it, is to connect my laptop back up to my normal multi-monitor setup. Strangely, all other keyboard shortcuts, like F9 to Sync, or F11 to View Notes List, or using the mouse to select these via the app menu works fine... it's just F10 View Left Panel that stops working! Maybe this is a buggy Windows 10 thing. I have no idea what is happening, anyone else experience this or know how to fix? cheers I'm using EN-for-Windows (308489) Public (CE Build ce-62.3.7750)
  9. I rarely use EN-Web. 95% of the time, I use EN-for-Windows desktop app, the remainder EN-for-Android, with a little iOS iPad mixed in. Anyway, I just had need of this ability/feature, to add rows to a Table via EN Web... and the above quoted advice worked for me also when using a Windows machine + Chrome Browser. The only additional clarification to be aware of, is the user must make sure they are using the 'NEW' Version of EN-Web, not the 'OLD' Version. Just click on your account icon in EN Web to see the option to switch Old-to-New, and vice versa.
  10. I have attempted to find a solution to this (see title) for sometime. I would generate links, Web-Links (CTRL+/ -or- 'Copy Share URL) from EN-for-Windows desktop app, paste these to other Online websites e.g. Asana.com But when clicked, these links, would take me to EN-WEB ...with the next issue being EN-WEB then instructed me to 'Save Copy to Evernote'...arrghh Creating 'Classic In-App Links' (CTRL+ALT+L) from EN-for-Windows e.g evernote:///view/ ...could also be pasted in to online websites, if pasted as plain text, but then these links aren't recognised by online websites such as Asana.com. However these 'Classic Links' work perfect if pasting in to other Apps installed on your PC, such as MS Word/Outlook/Excel ...no problem at all and work fine. But again my issue was wanting links I pasted to online websites, to open in EN-Desktop, not EN Web... and definitely not resulting in saving a copy of the note Whilst not perfect - I finally found how to make this work... and the trick is to generate the link off the Web, for the Web, or in other words I need to go to EN-Web to generate the Note-link, not EN-Desktop. I have copy-pasted my own use-notes below. And for fun copied all the notes I have clipped since trying to figure this out. USE NOTES: LINK TO EN-for-WINDOWS DESKTOP NOTES - FROM: >>1 OTHER PC DESKTOP APP Generate a CLASSIC IN-APP LINK, looks like evernote:///view, (CTRL+ALT+L - or go Menu>Note>'Copy Internal Link') from EN-DESKTOP APP > Paste Resulting Link to Other Local PC App e.g MS Word - works great. >>2 ANY ONLINE WEBSITE Must Generate a NOTE-LINK from EN-WEB (Click ellipses top left of screen) > Must Be Using OLD Version of EN-WEB (not Beta version) and EN-Desktop must be opened on PC. NOTE- The Desktop Note will open as a Separate Window PLUS your Browser will show the same note in a separate Browser Tab. There is no way to disable this, as this is due to the need of the server to read the link first from the server, and call out the note in the app. Finally, if you ever delete your EN cookies from your browser, you will once again be prompted and need to choose where to open the links - see image below RELATED FORUM THREADS I READ TO ARRIVE AT THE ABOVE How to make Chrome open Evernote links in desktop app | 2015 How can i create an evernote link in desktop version to open the desktop version when pasted into a web link | 2019 Make links to notes to open with desktop app | 2019 OPTION To Open EN Notes Linked to from Other Website in EN-Web -or- EN-Desktop | 2018 | My Thread Open Link with Desktop not with Browser | 2017 Workaround: How to Use Internal Links | 2019 Clicking web link to note goes to web Evernote, not locally installed app | 2016 - 2018 | My Comments
  11. Hey @RCoonceTX wow, that's awesome ...and thanks very much for taking the time to share this, great stuff :-) I'm also using tables with embedded links a lot, linking to downstream child notes, for workflow management/process steps etc. But right now I'm a one-man-gang, or at least don't need to share/collaborate with others to implement projects. So my question, if indeed you have a team, is how do you protect the data-integrity/lock-to-editing, all that i.e. esp the parent control table-note - but I guess the downstream notes need to be edit-able. Is it simply a case of making backups? Also, I like your pseudo form design...nice. Even light grey font use. My only preference would be to sort your primary table 'down-then-over'...haha Also like how you drag the emails in as an attachment. I have been saving emails as separate notes then also linking to them...but maybe this is better, thanks again
  12. Thanks very much @gazumped Yeah thought of that... thing is EN-Android can create a NEW Audio Note - but on my EN Android App, there is no ability/icon to add audio to an EXISTING note!? And another observation, is that afterwards when viewing Audio Note on my Win10 PC, the audio note and attachment is in a format that can not be downloaded to PC, should the need ever arise... guess the solution there would be to use another audio app as you suggested. My PC allows access to microphone for a long list of other Apps yet EN is not on the list so no sure why EN is kicked out as you say. As luck would turn out, trying out your advice led me to an accidental solution to an earlier forum-post you helped me with re Speech-to-Text Dictation. So... when in a new/existing note on my phone EN-Android...just tap anywhere on a note and then the phones keyboard (I have Samsung Note8 - not sure if that matters) pops up, on top of which is a mic icon, that when pressed causes speech-to-text dictation to start...awesome. Cheers again Gazumped
  13. I've never used this feature before, except for a dabble one time wayback, and back then it worked just fine. However just now when explored this feature again, everything appeared to record/save just fine, but then during playback NO Sound/Audio could be heard. I'm using the same microphone as always, that's paired with my browser so i can talk to Google when searching...so should be no issues there. I tried both ways: From Existing Note - I clicked the Record Audio icon, and successfully recorded an audio file that appeared as an embedded attachment New Note - I created a new Audio Note - Using: File Menu > New Note > New Audio Note Neither approach worked...same result. Any ideas??? Finally, I'm using EN-for-Windows (308489) Public (CE Build ce-62.3.7750) cheers
  14. also...and just to clarify for you/me/others. When in a note on EN-for-Windows...Shortcuts to generate Links CTRL+ALT+L - to get a IN-APP - CLASSIC Note Link evernote:///view/ CTRL+/ - to get a WEB Note Link : https://www.evernote.com/
  15. On EN-for-Windows, when you are in a note, and you do a CTRL+ALT+L to generate the CLASSIC (In-App) note-link (evernote:///view)... well, at this stage, you already have 'Retrieved' a classic note link... so to answer your question YES it's possible. I think the issue you're having, occurs when wanting to paste the 'actual' link-syntax, as opposed to the notes-title-anchor-text thingy. Hence why I think you are using your current '2-Step-Shuffle' of 1st pasting to notepad...as i believe notepad somehow strips everything away and just keeps the link-syntax. The easiest method I have found... when wanting to paste a classic note-link to either another app on your PC (assuming PC - not MAC), or a web-app, such as Asana (my online workflow system), simply Right Click and select 'PASTE AS PLAIN TEXT' -or- CTRL+SHIFT+V ...that should now show the classic-link syntax in 1 step. NB this however wont work if wanting to paste the classic link-syntax into another note on EN itself...don't know why!? ...and so back to your 2-step process 😞 My issue is, that unlike locally installed apps on my PC, such as MS Outlook or Word, that I can paste the classic links to fine, and have them open the note on the desktop... Classic note-links pasted to online web-enabled apps such as Asana...are not recognised!!! And no amount of configuring my browser has resolved it thus far...
  16. Hey @jefito Yeah, I also learnt this from you some time ago, cheers, and in addition to the other method of clicking the right arrow, think its called a carret, that only visually appears when hovering the mouse over the notebook name, given directly above the note. But -when using either method, the next issue that arises, especially if one has many notes in the notebook, is that EN no longer highlights/views the original note that was linked to via the in-app link, or found via a search! ...instead it shows the 1st note in the notebook ( I have my middle pane set to 'SIDE LIST' view and Sort by 'Title')...and so once again I have to go looking for it...bloody annoying. Maybe its a bug with my EN Install, or a symptom of how I have configured the Middle Panel, or maybe just a let down of EN... any ideas?? cheers
  17. Yeah I do use tables a lot, and a big part of the reason why, is for the ability to edit background colour. Ideally it would have been awesome if i could have quickly edited the note as per your advice above... sera sera. Just random pot luck that that note, I attached above, looked so great... cheers again
  18. Arrrggghhh...forget that! Too hard. The 1st Note I exported to an .enex file was a large note and so the code was really long and "background" appeared in many places...was going to take a long time So I created a new EN Test note, with just a title, and one line of text - then synced - then exported... thinking the code would be much smaller...and indeed it was. But when I opened it with Notepadd++ text editor, their was no background-code found in the code... so I will give in at that point. Thanks all the same
  19. hold the phone, "background" appears in many places in the code - need to try again and make sure I'm changing the right 'background' to effect note background color - will try now
  20. So I could edit the note, with a new background color - but EN ignored it
  21. I was getting excited for a minute there @DTLow I exported the .enex file - of one note I opened this note with 'Notepad++' Did a Find CTRL+F on the word 'back' for background... and found where the background color piece of RGB code was I changed it to 229, 229, 229 saved and closed Opened it again to see if my changes were recorded - yes they were Imported the .enex file back to EN Opened the Note BUT........ No change 😞
  22. So if I understand you correctly, you are then able to edit the background colour of any note easily... is that right? If yes to the the above, then does the same ability exist to edit the .enex file (using a text editor) in order to change background colour??? Many Thanks... and I will export a note to an enex.file now to also attempt what you have shared...cheers
  23. Thanks @gazumped for having a crack at it...cheers
  24. I'm using EN for Windows (308489) Public (CE Build ce-62.3.7750) on a Win10 laptop. I was just doing some work on MS-Excel, and consequently working on some EN Notes contained in my MS-Excel Notebook, when I discovered a note I had clipped last year in April 2018. The note caught my attention, as it looked great, and has a really easy-on-the eyes nice background colour to it, plus is left aligned, which I prefer to the standard centre text alignment I get using 'simplified article' web-clipper feature. It appears to have been clipped using EN Web-Clipper 'Simplified Article' feature (I always use Chrome Browser) but I just don't know... maybe I clipped it from an iPad or Android... who knows... anyone? I click the URL again, to see if I could reproduce the result using web-clipper-Chrome... but that failed. My only other thought is that maybe I used some Chrome Extension to 1st make the web-page easy to read, and then web-clipped it from there...I just don't know... Having something easier on my eyes is a big deal for me so any ideas or how-to's, are very much welcomed and appreciated, cheers.
  25. @Ian Small ... Just in case you truly are lurking in the background of this forum and reading replies to your 'behind-the-scenes' series, which again is great, an idea for a video might be about how you/the team address/monitor/evaluate User Feature Requests. Like many others, for me one of the biggest features I need, would love-to-have etc, is a Dark Mode for Windows. Rants and Nagging aside, it would also be awesome if you/team could also address the likelihood/possibility of this being nailed and to what timeline. Cheers
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