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  1. In the above screen-shot example, you can see I have a couple of links in the first paragraph, then lots of links/linked-text, one after the other on the next four lines. If you highlight all the text as shown, then right-click, there is NO option to 'remove' the links. If you highlight just the 4 lines that contain consecutive links, then right-click, now the 'remove' option yes is available, but EN will literally only remove the link on the text immediately below the cursor. So if you wanted to remove all links, You would have to remove one-by-one, or copy paste into another app like MS-Word, or Notepad, in order to remove the links then paste back Yeah that works great in MS Word... was hoping could be done in EN. Cheers anyway Well not a biggy, as I only need it from time to time, thanks
  2. Some years ago I asked the question about the ability to bulk spell-check all contents of a note, or selected content within the note, but that wasn't doable, with the only solution being a copy paste to an external doc such as MS Word, perform the spell check, then re-paste back to EN. I'm hoping my question today will meet with somebody's better solution. Occasionally, I need to paste large chunks of text into an EN Note from a webpage, whilst retaining the text/fonts formatting. A lot of the time a contents table of sorts with line after line of linked text is pasted across as well, or even when the article is randomly peppered with links...and it's these many random links I'd like to remove in one click so to speak. The issue is NOT being able to highlight a section of text, right click, and select 'remove' to remove links. EN ends up only allowing the removal of 1x linked text! I note it doesn't matter if the the links are external hyperlinks or internal in-app EN links, the result is the same. Anyone know how to do this in EN???
  3. huh... great that you figured this out. I don't know how, why, or even when this happened, but in any case, having this scenario works to remove the issue of the new note window for reasons you seem to understand better than me. I wonder if the 2nd type of add-on, the one added directly to the email account, could be added to each and every one of my individual email accounts added inside MS Outlook...that would be awesome. edit* and when you say re 2nd add-on, that it is added to email account directly...are you saying added via the webmail interface, the web app for the Outlook email account in question, or any mail account for that matter? just answered my own question by accessing Outlook-web, via a link on Outlook-windows in "Manage Add-ins". Outlook-web does indeed show that I added the EN Add-on... vs The EN add-on for MS-Outlook-Windows client...where it actually shows the add-on is disabled, even though it still works! got to figure this out, but thanks very much for the info @Faisal Malallah
  4. I think I may have found a work-around! @gazumped @Faisal Malallah This is another of my 2-step shuffle solutions, but, it works! In MS-Outlook-Windows, I have 5 email accounts added, of which one is my default xxx@outlook.com email account, and that I rarely use. However if you... ... drag emails from other email accounts into your default xxx@outlook.com email account/inbox, then use the green coloured Save-to-EN icon, not only does the interface look more user friendly, and provide more options, it now does NOT CREATE A NEW EN NOTE WINDOW once the save is complete...NICE! Below is an screenshot of the reply email I sent to EN-Support that explains it more clearly, and asks for answers...which again I will provide once they get back to me. ////////////////////////////// EMAIL COPY ///////////////////// Hi Christian, Thanks for your full reply. Please be aware that this issue ONLY happens for/when using email accounts that are NOT ‘Outlook.com’ email accounts, e.g. xxxx@yahoo.com, or xxx@gmail.com etc. I am using MS Outlook-Windows, installed on my Win10 PC (as part of an Office 365 subscription), and NOT using ‘Outlook-Web’, or ‘Outlook-for-Android’ Apps etc. MS Outlook installed on my PC acts as my Email Client, or central bucket, where all my email accounts feed in to. Here are the 5 email accounts I have added to MS-Outlook-Windows…notice I have just the 1 ‘outlook.com’ email account. Now, when I use/access my xxx@outlook.com email account, in MS Outlook, which is one of 5 I have added to MS Outlook, the first thing of note is the existence of 2x ‘Save to EN’ icons appearing on the menu bar! One is grey, and the other is green in colour. On all other Email accounts only the one grey-colour EN icon appears. So IMHO it appears that Outlook is integrating more fully with the add-on, than when using other account vs when using my xxx@yahoo.com.au account (see below - NOTICE JUST 1 EN ICON) So… Question 1) Why do I have 2 ‘Save-to-Evernote’ icons when using Outlook email? Question 2) How come when clipping/saving to EN form my Outlook.com email account the interface is different versus other email accounts? …and the issue of a NEW EN Note Window does not exist!? Here’s how the interface looks when using my xxx@outlook.com email account in MS Outlook and then clipping/saving an email to EN Here’s how the interface looks when using my xxx@anyotheremail.com email account in MS Outlook and then clipping/saving an email to EN Many Thanks
  5. ...Here's the reply from EN Support about this issue, today Jan 21, 2020. They confirmed this is just how things are and maybe one-day they will get to it!
  6. I have just got so used to closing these "MS Outlook saved to a New EN-Window" function, that I never thought to ask if this behaviour could be configured to prevent it from happening. I just went through the EN-Windows Tools>Options settings and could find nothing about the MS Outlook Add-on ...however there is section about configuring the EN-Clipper! This would save a lot of work for me by having EN not open a new window so if this is a feature request - I will be the 1st to vote for it. If this is something that can be changed/configured in either MS Outlook or EN-Windows, then if anyone knows how please let us know. Thanks for asking about this @Faisal Malallah . I will also raise a support request about this and let you know.
  7. wow...the day has finally come when the student has taught the teacher a thing or two, ok, maybe just one...lol...but I'm feelin pretty good now Ricky Bobby 😉 And ditto re new-note-window opening in the background. I too recall a bug like this back about a year ago, that seemed to clear itself after an update
  8. I know the feeling...it's so annoying when these bugs come up and it doesn't appear to happen for others...unless someone else here has the answer you might want to check in with EN Support...and would be good to hear the solution if you find one.
  9. Try using CTRL+N instead of CTRL+ALT+N On EN-Windows, at least on my version 6.18.4, using CTRL+ALT+N will always create a new note inside your 'default' notebook. But most of the time I just want a New Note to be created within the Notebook that I am working on, hence why I use CTRL+N ... and in my case the new note is NOT set to 'create new note in a new window' but even when I turn this on, the new window does open on top of the EN main window, and not in the background as is the issue you're experiencing. So perhaps also try testing with this option turned Off and On You can change the default notebook via File Menu: Tools >Options >General ...hope it works for you
  10. METHOD 2 Consider the above post, my Method 1. The issue with Method 1 is having to create a 2nd Note to paste the contents to, which then necessitates that you also have to go the extra steps of copy/pasting the Note Title and URL...so just takes too long. Here's the much easier, new and improved way to do this...and it looks really great now. EN-Clip your webpage using 'Simplified Article' (Google Chrome or Firefox Extension) Sync EN, and Open the newly created Note Highlight & Copy Note contents (don't use CTRL+A) position cursor or drag/highlight from 1st character to last character of the note contents, then CTRL+C (to copy contents) CTRL+A (to select all Contents) > Press Delete to remove all contents...you should now see a brand new note window with the top line offering to use a template CTRL+V (to paste contents) ...END So much easier and faster, and works great...cheers
  11. I tested this for you on my PC and EN successfully retained the bullet formatting (see attached). I'm using EN-Windows v6.18.4 and have MS Office 365 subscription on my PC Win10
  12. ...in the mean time @Scott T., @gazumped, @airlifter2 I have found a workaround to the issue of web-clips using 'Simplified Article' mode that result in large margins on left/right side of note contents. This workaround requires a little extra 2-step shuffle... and works for me using Google Chrome EN Web-clipper on Windows PC PROCESS (IF Using EN-Windows App) Clip a web page using 'Simplified Article' mode > EN clipper for Chrome/Firefox Sync EN on PC > Open the newly created Note (should have its contents centre aligned) CTRL+A (to select the note contents) CTRL+C (to copy note contents) CTRL+N (to create new note) CTRL+V (to paste contents into this new note) This new 2nd note should now have all its contents 'Left Aligned', and take up the full size of the note window. The process is a bit involved, but if your OCD kicks in, well, now you have a way to satisfy it 😉 EXAMPLE -ORIGINAL NOTE 1 EXAMPLE -CONTENTS PASTED TO NOTE 2 NOTE** On occasion I have noticed this 2-step shuffle workaround fails to work...and it appears to have something to do with Step 2 using CTRL+A, I think... so the solution that works in this step 2/case, is to manually select the note contents, by dragging/highlighting then doing Step 3 CTRL+C ...and it works fine Finally, when you look at the before and after images attached above, you can see a lot less screen real estate is used by the text, and the images are even larger...nice
  13. Woohoo... Cheers @Scott T.. I'm very much looking forward to receiving this update...thanks for letting us know, awesome, and love your work 😉
  14. NOTE- I also tried adding a remark during clipping, as it seemed i had added one in 2018 ...seen at top of note with 'xx' but this had no effect
  15. -OR- it might have something to do with EN!? I knew I said I could live with this, but just now I was reminded by how sometimes in the past, using 'Simplified Article' clip-mode would result in no margins, or the notes contents appearing Left-Aligned. The attached images show the same webpage clip - one clipped in the year 2018, and the other clipped today Jan 17-2020. Today's clipped note has margins on left and right, whereas 2018's does NOT. Strange and weird. @Scott T. are you able to shed any light on this please?
  16. YAY! Just found another workaround to clipping web-pages, that result in the newly clipped EN-Notes having a pseudo Dark Mode. It's not exactly a complete perfect solution but might help some. How it Works: Need to have/use Google Chrome browser. Download and Install Chrome Extension 'Dark Reader'. Configure first-time setup of Dark Reader adjusting colour scheme via extensions slider adjusters. Make sure its turned on when wanting to clip web-pages. NOTES:- only EN 'Article' clip-mode works (Simplified article clip option won't work). When viewing the newly clipped note on another dark-mode enabled EN platform e.g. EN-Android ...the app will inverse the colours back..booooo, but I can live with this as I use EN-Windows 95%+ of the time. Your notes may look different if using different colour settings in the chrome extn. Example NO Chrome Extension | webpage clipped using article view and (how it looks on my EN-Windows Note) Example WITH Chrome Extension on | webpage clipped using article view My Extn config settings
  17. Cheers...and yep when I expanded the middle pane, the note window appeared left aligned/no margins 🙂 Thing is I always have the middle pane reduced/shrunk to minimum width as I only use the 'Title' column... thanks again mate, will have to make do with how things are...
  18. UPDATE: I just viewed/checked this note in both EN-Android, and EN-Web (new version) and the note has no margins and displays beatifully on those 2 platforms...so at a loss to understand issue with how the note views on EN-Windows, which is the platform i use 95% of the time.
  19. Hey @gazumped ...man, I am still struggling with this issue... most of the time I resort to 'Article' clip mode, but would prefer to use 'Simplified Article' if only I could find a way to remove those huge left and right margins I end up with, even in Note View... it's the same wide margins, resulting in the note contents appearing centre aligned, inside a central narrow column. I also asked about this before here on the forum... but no solution then, so wondering if any solution now? Note- I use EN Web Clipper with Google Chrome v79.0.3945.117 (Official Build) (64-bit) Attached images show a resulting note of a webpage I just test clipped using 'Simplified Article' clip mode, along with the clipper view... any help greatly appreciated
  20. Yep, Windows-10, using EN-Windows app v6.18.4...and using Google Chrome for browsing (latest version)
  21. lol...still made no diff at my end. I used diff colors and font sizes, put more spaces + EN in-app links. See attached images of my v3 template I applied...and then the resulting note created...all good no issues
  22. and this is how it looks when viewed in NEW version of EN-Web. (NOTE:- I use a chrome extension to darken my screen a little called 'Night Shift')
  23. OK, so i just tried adding en in-app-links, both at beginning of note and the table...and still no issue, with saving as, then applying as template
  24. I just tested it/had a go for you, on my EN-Windows v6.18.4, and I did not experience this issue. I saved a note with text and table, text separated by spaces, then saved as template, then applied template...but again nothing. Annoying when these bugs come up...maybe you used copy and paste from another doc!? If yay try creating from scratch in EN.
  25. What a nifty little tip, thanks I had to do the thing you said not to... lol ...even just highlighting the image within a cell and clicking 'match note width' achieved the same result... thanks again
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