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  1. Not sure if the OP or anyone else is still reading this, but this actually came up in a search I was doing to see if ON vs EN was any different. I actually began using Evernote in like 2008, 2009 maybe in response to the fact that OneNote didn't sync across devices. I use a desktop, a laptop, and a smartphone, so being able to access notes across these devices was important and OneNote or any M$ product had that capability. I only went back to OneNote because of the price hike, as I could only use two of my devices. I'm a writer - both professionally and personally - so I've ended u
  2. If this is true, then I can stay with Evernote. I have it installed on three devices - two computers and my phone and one of the reasons I switched from OneNote in the first place (as it didn't become mobile or synable until just recently). The announcement does seem like you can only use it on two devices, which is fine if you only own one computer and a smartphone, so like 12% of the population. The rest of us have three or more. Though the amount of data is good for the plus or premium, it seems like Evernote only wants people using this for business, which I don't/rarely use (I actual
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