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  1. Speaking of the recording thing, another thing which would (probably) be simple to implement using different APIs/existing code, is to use some kind of OCR-like dictating function. Which means, you could record yourself saying "Alfred nobel invented the nobel price, because he...." and the search for "nobel price" and the note containing the recording would show up. That's would be quite useful. Or some kind of speech-to-text function.
  2. Totally agree, a version for linux would be great. The web-version is missing out on a lot of features the client-programs has. A solution which would benefit everyone is to improve the web-based version, Why not making it work like the client-program for windows/mac? Pretty sure the mac version is better than the one windows got, even though I haven't tried it. Evernote seem to focus a lot on the Apple devices, which is kind of a bummer if you like evernote, but not the Apple-products
  3. It would be GREAT to be able to add rows and such on the web. For example, when using a random computer which doesn't have evernote installed, or using a chromebook (which I am at the moment), it would be nice to be able to add a new row instead of just writing it randomly, and then making a reminder to sort the notes when being back on a computer which has this features. That is unconvinient --> people will flee from it and use a better solution.
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