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  1. Yes, they're all marked with that symbol, but they're not downloading (as far as I can tell). I've also got the option for "background refresh" ticked in settings, so I have no idea why they're not downloaded yet. As in the image you have here, the bar for "download" is incomplete (in the case of "filing" in your screenshot).
  2. Has Evernote offered an explanation or update about this? I am rarely totally off-line these days, so I just discovered that my notes aren't downloaded (despite being Premium). This is a big deal. Why haven't they downloaded in the background? How do you get them to download--do you have to keep the app open and set your iPhone to stay unlocked for as long as it takes for them to download? I hope this doesn't happen with future updates--or if it's a known problem, I would like to be warned to attend to it.
  3. It would be really nice if EN would allow you to print in a WYSIWYG format. I edit my notes with colors, fonts, and pdfs, but there's no easy way to share this in the format I have it on my Mac. An especially common situation where this would be useful: getting reimbursed for receipts. I like to have a photo of each receipt immediately after the description of the item; but if I email that or print it and it comes with 10 PDFs at the end, it's not very helpful to the accounts office.
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