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  1. And because every person has their preferences we need an option to trigger this on/off
  2. yes it does. Imagine you have 50 applications on your computer who think "does it matter?" then it slows down your computer and people like me, who like having a fast computer, would rather remove the software (if not tremendously important for the operating system itself) than buying new hardware just to support the useless processes
  3. cool workaround ; still not sufficent Working with OneNote is awesome. I can scribble down thoughts using the typecover or pen - whatever feels natural. I also can snap images and move them around with my finger. I like Evernote but it's not well integreated with the Surface. Considering the Surface (and surface-alike systems) are the new "cool" Laptop you should consider adding pen support.
  4. Why blue? Normally Evernote uses a green branding. Won't this hurt user recognition?
  5. I see no point in using a software which produces processes i don't need or want. I have to admit that the previous version of the desktop application looked really shabby. Thankfully you gave it some design love and now it looks great. Please add an GUI option for [ ] Enable Global Clipping-Service
  6. When i go to facebook.com or amazon.com i immediately get to do what I visited the side for (in this case shopping). When I go to evernote.com I actuall want to go to https://www.evernote.com/Home.action. I sure bet it would make Evernote Web more usable and more appealing when I would be able to get to it when visiting evernote. I as the customer with an account wants to use the service I paid when browsing to the service provider. I actually only found this forum because i wanted to complain about the above stated problem. Sure the homepage might be home of the "Forum" Link and maybe other links you might consider important. I rarely need non-service things (such as Forum and whatnot) so why don't you redirect evernote.com for existing users to EvernoteWeb and then provide a Button to go to the "home page". Evernote would become better when you would add that. Thanks for reading
  7. when i go to facebook.com as existing user i get to the content i want. It's the same on every other social network as well as trello, goodreads, ted, amazon, ... and the list goes on and on and on. I always used https://www.evernote.com/Home.action as bookmark
  8. Maybe add this override-feature to the Evernote Clipper addon. You got control over it when you are an addon, don't you?
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