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  1. cool workaround ; still not sufficent Working with OneNote is awesome. I can scribble down thoughts using the typecover or pen - whatever feels natural. I also can snap images and move them around with my finger. I like Evernote but it's not well integreated with the Surface. Considering the Surface (and surface-alike systems) are the new "cool" Laptop you should consider adding pen support.
  2. Why blue? Normally Evernote uses a green branding. Won't this hurt user recognition?
  3. When i go to facebook.com or amazon.com i immediately get to do what I visited the side for (in this case shopping). When I go to evernote.com I actuall want to go to https://www.evernote.com/Home.action. I sure bet it would make Evernote Web more usable and more appealing when I would be able to get to it when visiting evernote. I as the customer with an account wants to use the service I paid when browsing to the service provider. I actually only found this forum because i wanted to complain about the above stated problem. Sure the homepage might be home of the "Forum" Link and maybe other links you might consider important. I rarely need non-service things (such as Forum and whatnot) so why don't you redirect evernote.com for existing users to EvernoteWeb and then provide a Button to go to the "home page". Evernote would become better when you would add that. Thanks for reading
  4. when i go to facebook.com as existing user i get to the content i want. It's the same on every other social network as well as trello, goodreads, ted, amazon, ... and the list goes on and on and on. I always used https://www.evernote.com/Home.action as bookmark
  5. Maybe add this override-feature to the Evernote Clipper addon. You got control over it when you are an addon, don't you?
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