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  1. Just want to reiterate the point that building the new editor on WebKit-exclusive functionality is a VERY BAD IDEA. Mozilla is pretty much the last bastion against Google's complete dominance of the browser market. You are actively hurting the concept of an open internet by choosing not to adhere to web standards when building you product.
  2. Honestly I would only need the erase button as a first step, always selecting the eraser manually is extremely frustrating.
  3. Yeah, that's more or less what I imagined (and where the awesome performance probably comes from). Nevertheless, I'm sure it's possible to tap into the existing pipeline at some point and do actual text recognition against a dictionary (Samsung's S-Note let's you specify which language you are writing in, for example). Thanks for the explanation!
  4. I would be great if Evernote had a feature to convert parts of handwritten notes to text, similar to Microsoft's OneNote or Samsung's S-Note. Since the OCR search for handwritten text already works extremely well I feel like this shouldn't be too much of a problem.
  5. The Drive integration is nice, however it would be great if it was possible to open files locally instead of in the browser when the Drive client is installed.
  6. Same problem here. Clipper 6.2.0 on FF 47.0.1 on Windows 10 and also on Windows 8.1. I have deactivated all Add-ons, still the same issue. Happens also with images. Here's the log when trying to clip a PDF: [2016-08-02 08:53:22 GMT+0200] Error: "WebClip.getTitle: article not initialized" [2016-08-02 08:53:22 GMT+0200] Error: {} [2016-08-02 08:53:22 GMT+0200] Error: {} [2016-08-02 08:53:22 GMT+0200] Error: "WebClip.getTitle: article not initialized"
  7. I agree that multiple reminders for one note would be great. Like a sticky TODO list with reminders for each item. As for integrating Evernote reminders with a calendar, have a look at Cronofy. I works like a charm for me (Google calendar). Another thing you can do is set up Saved Searches. For example reminderOrder:* reminderTime:* -reminderTime:day+1 -reminderDoneTime:* will show all reminders that are due today.
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