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  1. This thread is a duplicate of: I've chimed in there, but as the payor of 3 accounts, this feature is a must-have for me... much more than contextual note searching or Google Chrome widgets. Those are not things I would switch note-taking services over, but this is.
  2. Bumping this because it's been causing me grief for two months. My workaround was to duplicate every "type" of notebook onto another account and share the duplicate notebook between both accounts. This is less than ideal, as it clogs up the UI and makes using Collections a mess. @Evernote: Please implement this. I pay for multiple premium accounts and it's my #1 quality of life complaint; I would be quite tempted to move if another service supported this.
  3. Just used the highlighter for the first time. Immediately thought "Why don't I highlight different parts in different colors?" I was quite bamboozled that I couldn't find a way to do this. Turns out this feature doesn't exist, which seems ridiculous for a note taking service.
  4. +1 I just started moving my life into Evernote. I use Mac and Windows and I want my "child search" option in both!
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