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  1. Amen!! I just wrote this to Simon: You have saved my sanity! I NEED Evernote Sticky Notes to survive work and family. Please never stop!! You have made this 63 yr old Grandmother/Medical Informatics Nurse so very happy! Thank you!
  2. Sushi1808, you have saved my sanity!! I NEEDED this as today my notes wouldn't sync on my home computer and could never get it to sync on my work computer after getting a new computer. I so appreciate your work! This option is mandatory for managing my life! Thank you....Donation made. Please keep it up!
  3. Please! I need an Evernote Sticky note. The edo-soft version gives me an error when activating it on one of my computers. I even upgraded to a paid version of Evernote and won't need it if I can't have a Sticky Note I can sync on all my computers. Please. Someone has already built it. Buy it from them and integrate into your product. Why not?? I show everyone what it can do and you will have more users and money to support it. I NEED IT!
  4. I don't know what I would do without this Sticky Note app. BUT, I really want RTF so I can section off my To Do list. Now that Evernote is charging for more than 2 devices, I looked at OneNote, but I can barely tolerate Microsoft's site. I need words to understand things and they like buttons. And they don't have a good Sticky Note option either. PLEASE, Evernote, get us an app like the one above with RTF capability and you will have me for life.
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