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  1. The requirements I'd specify would likely be something like the following: The ability to take any Evernote "Note" and open it in a wildly simplified alternate display window (a "Stickie") that ideally is not browser-based (towards the simplicity theme). This "Stickie" alternative window allows only very basic editing, is NOT cluttered with menu bars, and can be set to always be on top of other applications on your screen if using on a laptop. Like Evernote, this "app" should be available on multiple platforms (Mac/Win, Android/iOS) and constantly be in autosync with the main Evernote
  2. munificus: Thank you for your replies, this is super helpful. Ridiculous that Evernote does not create this in the base implementation, there are so many strings discussing this that I have found, obviously a wide topic. There does not seem to be a Mac version - any idea if that exists?
  3. Any references to how? I assume your comment is centered around the "Evernote Sticky Note" application on Windows, but the app from Edo-Soft appears to be no longer available?
  4. Is anyone aware of a "Sticky Note" equivalent that integrates with Evernote? Simple, low function extension of Evernote. The issue I'm trying to solve: My Evernote implementation is complex, I have a lot of stuff in there, hundreds of notes, all organized. However, it is NOT quick to open and use, even with shortcuts. I use a Mac StickyNote to keep my quick to-do list (3-4 lines of text) always visible in the corner of my screen. However, Apple has invested less than zero in sticky notes - no sync between laptops or to iOS, no iOS version at all, no connectivity to things like everno
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