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  1. The requirements I'd specify would likely be something like the following: The ability to take any Evernote "Note" and open it in a wildly simplified alternate display window (a "Stickie") that ideally is not browser-based (towards the simplicity theme). This "Stickie" alternative window allows only very basic editing, is NOT cluttered with menu bars, and can be set to always be on top of other applications on your screen if using on a laptop. Like Evernote, this "app" should be available on multiple platforms (Mac/Win, Android/iOS) and constantly be in autosync with the main Evernote implementation. On the Laptop versions, perhaps the "Evernote Stickie display window" launches/is part of the main Evernote SW package, but ideally behaves separately, at least from a display perspective. ie: minimizing Evernote does not minimize the "Evernote Stickies". The mobile versions would ideally have two modes: The first mode is a "Display" mode, which would display ONE read-only Note/Stickie on my lock screen. The second mode is "Light Edit" mode, which is a vastly simplified interface that allows the quick reading/editing of multiple stickie notes. Of course full edit mode is available by simply launching Evernote on Mobile, and perhaps the creation of a net new Stickie (and hence new Evernote Note) must be done in the Evernote app. The function of "Display" is something like put my directions or grocery list on my lock screen and easily view it without any fuss. The function of "Light Edit" is to thumb through a few stickie notes, jot a new idea down quickly, or edit a list, with vastly simplified interface. Perhaps also choose which one to display on the lock screen. Design feature of "Light Edit" would be quick, simple, uncomplicated access to a small subset of the master Evernote database (only those designated as "stickies"), and be specifically designed for a mobile experience - any "stickie note" should be accessible in 2 touches or less. Full editing and/or Evernotes which are not enabled as "Stickies" would require the heavyweight Evernote app to launch. The design point for both (mobile and desktop) is SIMPLICITY and RAPID EASE OF ACCESS for a small subset of a user's (sometimes voluminous) Evernote content. Think "Clear", "Remember-the-Milk", Wunderlist (now shifting to "Microsoft-To-Do"). As Evernote has ratcheted back it's free implementations (fine with me as a paid user), perhaps a 'lite' mobile version would act as a feeder for the main license (ie: what Microsoft seems to be doing with Wunderlist becoming "Microsoft-To-Do").
  2. munificus: Thank you for your replies, this is super helpful. Ridiculous that Evernote does not create this in the base implementation, there are so many strings discussing this that I have found, obviously a wide topic. There does not seem to be a Mac version - any idea if that exists?
  3. Any references to how? I assume your comment is centered around the "Evernote Sticky Note" application on Windows, but the app from Edo-Soft appears to be no longer available?
  4. Is anyone aware of a "Sticky Note" equivalent that integrates with Evernote? Simple, low function extension of Evernote. The issue I'm trying to solve: My Evernote implementation is complex, I have a lot of stuff in there, hundreds of notes, all organized. However, it is NOT quick to open and use, even with shortcuts. I use a Mac StickyNote to keep my quick to-do list (3-4 lines of text) always visible in the corner of my screen. However, Apple has invested less than zero in sticky notes - no sync between laptops or to iOS, no iOS version at all, no connectivity to things like evernote, etc). Likewise, I use a separate (disconnected) sticky note app on my iOS phone to keep a quick list visible. This is super clunky. My wish: A small colored stickie or two on my desktop that is always visible, and linked to a note (called 'stickie?) in evernote. I should be able to light edit in the stickie (simple txt only), or power edit in evernote (edit the linked note). Likewise, there should be an iOS app that shows the same stickie on my phone (synced) with the same attributes (light edit in the stickie, full edit in linked note within evernote app). Ideally, the iOS stickie would even be visible in the phone via swiping from the home screen or (even better) display on my lock screen if I wish (a few apps have figured out how to do this). ie: see your to-do list without unlocking your phone. This sounds a bit like the Evernote widget on iOS, but with some refinement to specify what 'note' to show by default? ....however not aware of anything even close to a "stickie" on Mac OS or Windows? I know this type of investment likely does not align directly with Evernote's strategy to push into business (ie: Slack) but I think it may help the grassroots adoption, which in turn drives the business user adoption? Stickies, pretty please? Don't care if it is actually the Mac Stickies app - can be the "Evernote Stickies App" which integrates with Evernote and works across multiple platforms (iOS, Android, Mac, Windows)
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