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  1. I would like to change the UI elements so that can view and edit them in object mode and edit mode like Blender. I'd like to see hypertext with note links or external links, but it requires two clicks and a little movement, which is a bit inconvenient for me.
  2. The following is a summary of the list of iOS Evernotes that still do not function properly after the 10.0.1 update or have lost their original features. 1. The icon that Sketch an image has changed from vector to bitmap. (Troubles of sincerity and detail) 2. Search folders saved with three or more tags or commands do not work properly. 3. After scanning the printout, I cannot modify each vertex when modify it, so I cannot scan it neatly. 4. Although it is a premium account, I cannot annotate PDF files and use the features of OCR. 1. The icon that Sketch a
  3. 오늘 버전 8.0 업데이트를 했는데, 프레젠테이션 모드를 아무리 찾아도 없네요ㅠㅠ 전 프레젠테이션 모드를 읽을 때 편리해서 자주 사용하는데 갑자기 없어진 거 같아 당황스러워요
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