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  1. Thank-you! I actually decided to start a support community of my own, and have already created it as a Facebook group. You would be welcome to join, and can find it at: http://www.facebook.com/EverNoteEverAfter Please come by and join, if you like! I'll check out this Reddit group as well. David
  2. I did try that, and that did work. An awkward way to go about it, but it worked. Another opportunity for feature enhancement! )
  3. I generally find the EN discussions to be more often than not a frustrating experience, mostly due to combative commentary from a small but vocal subset. I'm interested in starting a EN support community that has a focus on true user support and new feature requests/implementation, heavily-moderated to encourage a supportive and pro-active approach to the EN community. Of course, it would have to be off this site, unless EN is interested in having something like that in a moderated forum here on their site. So if anyone has suggestions on a good service to use for that purpose, let me kno
  4. There's always some way to "work around" a limitation in any application, even if it's something completely outside the box. If you work at it hard enough and dump enough resources into it, you could launch a man to the moon with a rubberband and a slingshot, but that doesn't make it the best, or even a good, way to do it. Like @JMichaelTX, I can't understand how this isn't one of, if not THE first "feature" that wasn't added to EN way back when in the late 2000-oughts. I ran smack into the problem of space on my device in a matter of under two months using it on my mobile device. I admit
  5. Hi Everyone, I am an EN premium user, and have it on several devices, including my iOS iPhone 6+. However, I recently discovered that it's using 1.5 gig, which I realize is likely due to a few notebooks i had set to sync for offline use. I removed those syncs for offline use, but the data appears to still be on the phone (at least, the iPhone still reports EN as using 1.5gig, and thus, same size.) Any thoughts on why the space doesn't appear to have been freed-up, and what I can do to get EN back down to a manageable size on my iOS iPhone? TY, David Reed
  6. I can, but I won't. Seems fairly self-evident to me. But seeing I didn't conduct an actual survey, I included the word "probably."
  7. It seems like EN has ignored what I think is probably the most-requested feature, and reduced functionality (number of devices) and increased price...do I have that right? Really liking EN, but, not having Selective Sync is a b*tch...it's the one thing that, if it had it, would make it worth paying for.
  8. I find it unacceptable that this feature isn't available yet. I can't imagine how this isn't available, it's such an obvious fix for so many people for so many issues, and the only up-side to it I can see is driving us the number of EN accounts by forcing people to have separate EN accounts for personal vs. work uses, etc. A little bit of coding would improve nearly every customers EN experience, and save EN much bandwidth as well. I recently agreed to have my IS team start using OneNote for documentation. I see nothing here that would encourage me to change my mind...but selective syn
  9. Afternoon Everyone, I see this is an old thread, about a year, so I think it's worth re-visiting (because I was specifically looking for this feature and can't find it.) I am using EN Windows current client (6.x), and am not seeing a Selective Sync feature yet. Is it there and I'm not seeing it, or is it not availabe (and is that "YET???", or "No, they aren't going to do it.") I'm asking because I don't want two separate EN accounts (one for work, one for personal), you wouldn't think EN would want that either, but, anyway, I digress. Is there a Selective Sync featu
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