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  1. After YEARS of asking for making a note safe from the DELETE button, Y'all finally, Finally, FINALLY disabled the DELETE button! Unfortunately, Y'all have shot yourselves in the foot so bad with this 10.3 release that I can't get anything done!!! I hate this version! NO SYNC BUTTON?!?!?! What are y'all thinking? Do the programmers even use Evernote?!?!? The previous version was light-years better than this *****!
  2. Anybody have a clue how to sync this thing on demand? I miss my SYNC button and I dearly miss being able to modify Creation Date right on the note. Ctrl-Shift-I completely stifles workflow. It seems a lot slower too.
  3. I'm sure other scanners do this too, but when I scan with my ScanSnap Manager, the SS Profile I'm using offers to save a PDF before it directs it to Evernote. Now I love Evernote and hope it stays around forever, but it has made me wonder if I should use ScanSnap Manager's environment along with Evernote for the sake of not putting all my "eggs in one basket". Am I being paranoid or do y'all think there is merit to this? I'm guessing that this topic also applies to leaving PDF's in Evernote's Watched Folders too. Basically, I'm talking about ANY saved PDF hierarchy ALONG WITH Evern
  4. Well, It seems that ScanSnap scanners and Evernote are two companies that are pretty much joined at the hip (An internet search will quickly confirm this). And SSR is a relatively new program that has some very cool features for handling receipts. In particular, A vast amount of folks store a hard copy of scans on their hard drives along with sending them to Evernote using their ScanSnap Manager settings. Now we have another ScanSnap avenue that "specializes" in handling receipts. I was wondering if anyone had found a way to incorporate this new software into their workflow. Update:
  5. ScanSnap Receipt is a cool program for scanning, editing, archiving & OCR'ing receipts, but I would like to combine it's strengths with Evernote. Just curious if anyone has incorporated SS Receipt into their workflow. Thanks!
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