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  1. Not directly responding to your question, but if (like me) you want to be sure you keep a legible-even-without-Evernote copy of all your notes, you can write scripts which back up your notebooks into .enex files, which are XML files. While it would require a bit of editing (headers etc) to view them just with a browser, if one morning Evernote ceased to exist and your software would no longer work, all the data would be there. See this discussion thread for how to automate this (needs some editing of the script)
  2. I am sticking with Evernote Premium. It is an integral part of my personal and professional (self-employed, sole proprietor) workflow, roughly equally important as Office 365 and a piece of niche simulation software, both of which charge several times as Evernote Premium per year. And a couple of open-source free tools, which charge nothing. Let's step back and apply an outside-in business strategy view to this. A few years ago, OneNote was clearly being neglected by Microsoft, and Apple and Google weren't in the picture. It made a ton of business sense for EN to grow the category, offer
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