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  1. Hi, I want to report a problem in the full screen view of PDFs. When viewing a PDF in the full screen mode the information in the status bar (time, day, battery level, signal, etc.) is not hidden. With other applications the status bar is hidden and PDF reading is more pleasant. Please fix it. Thanks Andrea
  2. Hello, today I tried to add an attachment to a note from the application for Mac. Evernote warned me that I could not because I had exceeded 200Mb. I calculated the sum of the file size and it was not 80Mb. Evernote Web gives me the right size, but the application does not! Through the web I was able to upload the new file. Could old files be calculated that I have now deleted? I am attaching some sample screenshots!
  3. Today I tried to get an article on a wordpress blog, via clipper, but in the simplified article there are a few links missing. If I use Safari or Firefox reading mode, the links appear. Example: Original Post: You can show the original post here: https://www.tuttosullapostaelettronica.it/blog/2017/06/21/come-verificare-un-indirizzo-di-posta-elettronica/ Can you fix it? Thanks Andrea
  4. Your idea is fantastic, I would be happy to sign a Family subscription. By now everyone has a floor dedicated to the family (1Password, Netflix, Apple, etc.) why not do it to Evernote? My wife and I would be happy. Andrea
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