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  1. The change would be a whole lot less annoying if they hadn't deleted the Reminder button (alarm clock) and replaced it with the Share button. I use Reminders daily; i use Share never. Now i have to go into the "..." menu to set a reminder. The buttons should be reversed.
  2. DTLow, I'll cross my fingers and hope for it in the next update. As it happens, i was just sitting down to learn enough Applescript to make myself a "new journal entry" desktop shortcut. Maybe i could make a script to change the notebook view type with a hotkey. But i'm looking through the Evernote Applescript Dictionary and didn't notice anything that looks like i could use it for that. Any suggestions?
  3. +1 Different views make more sense for different types of notebooks. Expanded card view is great for recipes, but terrible for journal entries. Card view is nice for web clipped research. List view is excellent for journal entries. I have all three of these in my EN and i switch views every time i go into a different notebook. I think this makes sense because creating a Notebook indicates that the notes inside are of a different type from those in the rest of your EN. So viewing them differently makes a lot of sense. Otherwise a Notebook is little more than a "top level tag". At the very least, it'd be nice to have a keyboard shortcut for switching or rotating through the views. Or am i missing that? I've searched online and found none (for mac). And there's no shortcuts listed when pulling down those commands from the menu bar.
  4. Yegor, thank you! I believe you have found my problem. Chrome also has a "data saver" feature and both that and Opera Turbo interfere with image clipping. I have gone back and forth between Opera, Chrome, and Safari, and i can get all of them to clip properly so long as their various data compression options are turned off. I'm so happy i can clip again!
  5. Here's an example URL When i right-click on these images, they appear as .jpg files. If i inspect the address of the original image file, it is a .jpg file. But the resultant Evernote note seems to think the image is a .webp. I'm confused because i've been clipping recipes from this site for a while with no issues. I mean, maybe the site owner has restructured and changed all her image files? That just seems unlikely. Maybe i'm just misunderstanding what's going on, but i appreciate your taking a look. Thanks!
  6. I've been using free Evernote (MacOS) to mainly clip recipes, primarily with the Opera web clipper extension, although i also sometimes use Chrome and Safari. This month i finally upgraded to a paid account. I was excited to clip in a lot of new recipes without running out of space for the month : ) But when i clip webpages into Evernote now, images do not appear inline as they used to. They are all appearing as attachments, and the attachments are .webp format so they don't display inline. I have searched on the forum and i understand that Evernote will only show .lpg images inline. But i still don't understand what's going on because: The source images are all .jpg format. The attached images in Notes are named "xxxxxx.jpg.webp". It looks like Evernote is appending the .webp extension. Why? If i right-click and rename the attached image by deleting ".webp" so they now end with ".jpg", nothing changes. Even if i restart Evernote and re-sync, the image is still an attachment, not viewed inline. This problem is consistent whether i view notes in the MacOS app or on Evernote Web. The behavior is identical whether i use webclipper through Opera, Chrome, or Safari. Any ideas about how i can fix this? I'm annoyed that this problem seems to have started the moment that i paid for Evernote! I am clipping from the same websites that i used before, can't think of anything else i'm doing differently. Thanks for your ideas!
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