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  1. Thanks, for the advice, Guru. I like to keep the days together in a month as, like you say, it's easier to scroll to previous days. But mainly, if I do a search, I feel I can find things more easily without opening multiple notes. I'll experiment with it though and see if it makes things easier. I'll also give templates and PDF archiving a try too. Cheers.
  2. Hi, I use Evernote as a work journal where each day is separated by a horizontal line and comprises a nested bulletted list. For the last few months, I have been experiencing some frustrating automatic reformatting behaviour when I go back to a note: Within bullet points I often use shift-Return to start a new line without creating a new bullet point. A few days later and all these new lines have lost their indentation and now start on the left edge. On one of my notes, all the horizontal lines got mysteriously replaced by bullet points. Sometimes I'm unable to use t
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