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  1. Fair point to make, but I don't agree that it won't happen any faster. The process of switching between accounts involves the user manually entering secure credentials. For me, this involves switching apps, opening Lastpass (which, as it happens, is faster now that it uses touch ID), searching & retrieving my other Evernote details, copying my user ID and password via the clipboard and switching back to Evernote, and then entering the credentials via paste. I may possibly recall my user ID, but the password is secure and unmemorable. If I'm on the move or right in the middle of other activities (i.e. that's why I'm using my mobile device), this is a clumsy manoeuvre and prone to manual error; it certainly takes longer than triggering a 'one-touch' securely stored alternative set of login credentials would do, even if the round trip database switch takes the same time. Improving the mobile UX process even without vastly speeding the activity would be a significant gain.
  2. I frequently need to switch between a personal and work account on Evernote. It's easy on the desktop application and works well. However, I'm required me to log out and log back in again on my iOS device. Given the need for secure passwords, this becomes a real pain. My workflow on the iOS device is many taps, including a touch ID login to LastPass. If I need to switch again, then going back and forth with a sign out and sign back in again becomes a real clumsy turn-off. I'm not familiar with the Android equivalent. Is there any way this can be streamlined securely for mobile to make it work in a user-friendly way? Mark
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