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  1. Wow! FIrst the video series and now a thoughtful response on this forum. After a rock-bottom low last year, my faith and confidence in Evernote is now at an all-time high. Ian-- so far, you are truly doing a great job as the leader of this company. Thank you.
  2. Just watched the videos and I'm really glad to see this open approach. The new management team continues to instill more confidence in me about the future of Evernote.
  3. I got another response last week. Been busy at work and haven't had time to post it, so sorry for the delay. Here is is: ------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Jim, I appreciate your patience. I wanted to touch base with you and fill you in on where we stand with the reported issue. I've been unable to replicate the issue on our test devices. I've attempted to do so with our Moleskine notebooks like many of the forums posters were mentioning and I also attempted with dotted graph paper which is what was used in your provided video.
  4. I was waiting for a response about the escalation before I made a post here about my experience, but since it had been a few days I decided to pull the trigger today. So, of course, I just received a reply today! Anyway, here is what I got: So, I'm satisfied that they are working on it. I'll let you know if I hear anything else.
  5. FYI-- I've had the same problem, but I did find a workaround. For me the "indefinite processing" problem only happens when I take the picture in "Automatic Mode." If I take the picture in "Manual Mode," go to the picture (without clicking the green checkmark), and then (under "Save As") choose "Document," I get a scan that appears to be the equivalent of the document scan I would get in "Automatic Mode." About a week and a half ago I submitted a bug report on this issue, submitting my logs as per the instructions for submitting such bug reports. They responded and asked me to try the nor
  6. FYI-- I've had the same problem, but I did find a workaround. Since, as you mentioned, the "indefinite processing" problem only happens when the picture is taken in "Automatic Mode," I found that if I take the picture in "Manual Mode," go to the picture (without clicking the green checkmark), and then (under "Save As") choose "Document," I get a scan that appears to be the equivalent of the document scan I would get in "Automatic Mode." I do use Evernote dot-grid paper, but I don't use stickers so I don't know if my workaround would fix the problem you mention of sticker recognition.
  7. Totally agree with you, Stephano-- this is a big problem for me as well. EN needs to convert the fixed divider between the sidebar and the main page into a slider so that you can move it so as to give as much space as you want to either side.
  8. Well, two "gurus" have missed the point of my post and, at the same time, provided prime examples of the disconnect that I was talking about. Let's hope that someone in charge at EN will read it and do better.
  9. Yes, I could do all that. I could also volunteer to be a free coder for them, fix the bug myself, and send it back to them on a silver platter. Or, the executives, developers, and staff at Evernote could actually *use* their own software once in a while and see for themselves that it's not working right. That would be my preference. EN is not some enormous program with thousands of intricate functionalities like, say, Windows 10. This is a fairly focused application with a few core functionalities of which several are not right. In addition to this Android scanning problem, I use the
  10. I don't agree that the issue is resolved. It's definitely much better and I've been using it daily, but it's not really right. I made my own dot-grid paper (based on the Moleskin dot-grid) and print it out to write my notes on (e.g., at meetings) and scan everything at the end of the work day before I go home. I think the dot-grid paper really helps the camera find the right size/area to shoot. When the picture is right the dots really stand out in the image and the paper appears a bit yellow (the paper is actually white). Nothing wrong with that, just saying that that's how I know the pi
  11. Got the update this morning and the Android camera issue appears to be fixed. Pictures were clear and the text searchable. I'm going to be using it through the week to fully verify the functionality, but my initial tests are positive.
  12. Well over a week now-- how long does it take to look into it and get back with your findings? As others have said, this is an important feature that's highly promoted by EN and yet it doesn't work on flagship Android devices for almost a year now (including five months since the latest Android release). Just continual promises (here and in other threads) to "look into it," thanking us for our patience, and then a big increase in the EN subscription price. It's not my intention to be unpleasant, but I'm getting highly frustrated. One of the main reasons I adopted EN last yea
  13. Can't save to Evernote on phone or use clipper on Chromebook (in both cases says there is an error loading notebooks), can't get the web app up on my Chromebook (Google can't reach the site), and can't sign in to Evernote when I just Google the Evernote web page So no Evernote access for me for about the last hour or so. All the "Evernote Status" web pages and Twitter feed says Evernote is running smoothly. What's up?
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