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  1. Ohhh. The terminology confused me. I understand now you were trying to clarify with that sentence about them both being Premium accounts, but that was confusing to me, too. I agree - it does suck. If we're paying for Evernote, we should definitely be getting access to such a simple feature. That's not something that should be reserved solely for Business accounts.
  2. I don't, unfortunately. I only know what the blog post says. I have a Premium account, not Business, so I can't see the setting. I'd imagine you need to be logged into the Business account on iOS. Then click Account, and you'd presumably see a setting to add a secondary account. Just a guess.
  3. You just said, "I want to access both my Business and Personal accounts." The blog post specifically says, "We’ve also made it easier to switch between your personal and business accounts." I'm not sure where the disconnect is. The pic below shows, in action, what you seem to be requesting.
  4. Presentation Mode is an awesome feature (check out EN's YouTube video from 2014 to see it in action on iOS, which starts at 53 seconds in ). It has been available for iOS for at least 2.5 years, and I've used it most of that time. It's my favorite feature of Evernote. In Evernote 8.0 for iOS, the feature was removed. Which sucks, as I wouldn't have updated had I known that (it's not mentioned in the iOS App Store release notes). There are many reasons to pay for Premium, but Presentation Mode on iOS was the only reason I personally chose to pay for Premium. One of my personal favorite use cases for Presentation Mode on iOS was the ability to write a poem for my wife, and let her read it on the iPad in Presentation Mode. Why? Because the way Presentation Mode presents content is the most beautiful formatting I've seen in any note app on iOS. I've always wished that such care and attention to detail was given to the regular Evernote note-taking area, where we spend most of our time. There's no reason it needs to be any less beautiful, and right now it is - even with the update to 8.0. I recently started defaulting to Bear over Evernote simply because they actually care about giving you a beautiful note-taking environment. Their primary heading on the homepage is 'Write beautifully on iPhone, iPad, and Mac'. Evernote's primary heading? 'Collect it all in Evernote'. All this to say, Evernote has become my database for digitizing physical paper, so I can throw the hard copy away, and Bear has become my note-taking app. Do I like having separate services to search through and pay for? No - I wish I were only using Evernote. However, with all Evernote's resources, they've yet to provide a solution for the actual act of note-taking as beautiful as Bear's. Which tells me it's not Evernote's priority. Presentation Mode was the stopgap that made it at least worth dealing with the less-than-beautiful note-taking UI, because you could at least present the notes in a beautiful way. Now that Presentation Mode is gone on iOS, so will be much of my investment in the platform. Though, if I'm honest, I pulled away from Evernote for notes as soon as Bear came out, because there was finally something beautiful to take notes in. However, in cases where the presentation of the material was important, I still defaulted to Evernote, as Presentation Mode is prettier than Bear, in my eye. The beauty of a product's user interface is not everything, but for me, it's a lot.
  5. The brand-new Evernote 8.0 release on iOS addresses this issue, at least for Evernote Business users. I'm not sure if it works for multiple regular accounts. Read the blog post here, and scroll down to the next-to-last paragraph, titled 'What’s new for our Evernote Business customers'. Well, for simplicity, I'll quote it here:
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