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  1. Just checking in to see if Tabs are back with the latest update? after discovering that Tabs are gone with the first update on Nov 2020 I am now running on Evernote Legacy (after uninstalling the “Latest Evernote version”) Otherwise, wake me up, once tabs are back... I don’t care if my Evernote Dock Icon is Gray! Gray Icon beats No Tabs any day! Thanks!
  2. Please Bring Back TABS...... And I also realised that The New Evernote I have to use More Mouse Gestures than the Keyboard, the GOTO function (Search) is also missing!
  3. (iOS) copy and pasting of images from Evernote App to Apple Mail App causes the images to be missing from the recipient's end. It's not an Apple Mail issue, because Evernote stores the images in iOS differently, i've checked with other Evernote users, and are experiencing same issues. Please advise
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