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Request for Family Plan Pricing (not the first such request)

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Good Day,

I've made this request previously, but will do so again given the new company ownership. I'd like to request a Family Plan subscription be put on offer.


I've been using Evernote for 13 years consistently. Like many other users I'm frustrated by many things: Increasingly heavy-handed pressure to move to the new client; Android client functionality (specifically, attachment handling which worked perfectly in Legacy); and a lack of (actually useful) feature development. But, honestly, all of these concerns are minor in the scheme of things.

Above all that, I'm most disappointed with both the tremendous recent price hikes, and the manner in which Bending Spoons chose to communicate them.

I have, for years, been paying 4 subscriptions - for myself, my spouse and our two children. While I very heavily use Evernote and regularly go through the exercise of justifying my own subscription (I've investigated a half-dozen alternatives since the recent price increase and still see Evernote as best-in-breed for my workflow), none of my family members use a double-digit fraction of the functionality I rely upon. Yet, our usage still requires me to purchase Personal subscriptions for each. A huge annual financial outlay!

As it is while you have me as a continuing paying user today, this pricing structure has me constantly on the lookout for a cheaper alternative. I would think there is SOME value in having happy customers content to pay their annual fee.

Please consider adding a Family Plan pricing structure.



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It sounds like you might be better moving the rest of the family to a free plan. Of course that will depend on how much data they use and the number of devices. If they can be content with the web client when they are on desktops or tablets and mobile for phones then they might be able to work happily on a free plan. That would certainly give you a more economical solution.

Otherwise, you can advocate for a Family plan but I doubt it will be along anytime soon. I'd suggest you also give your feedback to feedback@evernote.com as well as here.

Good luck with your request.

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Thank you, agsteele. I had attempted the free option a few years ago and it didn't work for them for some reason. I'll try again with the youngest when her renewal rolls around. I'd considered this, but thank you for indicating it might still be a good idea.

I will also do as you suggest and send a similar suggestion via feedback.

Thanks again for responding on the community's behalf.


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