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  1. I installed the new version Beta and found that the Outlook plugin (Clipper) disappeared. I checked in Outllok security settings and is enabled. Anyone know how I can return to visualize the button and activate the feature?
  2. yeah I'm the messiah who seeks to disseminate and convert users to best practices Evernote system. No restrictions and limits and flatter alternatives. hence Evernote to BIG DATA
  3. In my opinion it makes sense, it is highly recommended and can be made..
  4. I prefer to think that change will innovate, bring more opportunities, open more windows and achieve satisfactory results
  5. Hi. I recently had a problem and came to the conclusion that it was related update made. When you install Evernote on Windows and place the folders the way you understand to be better, Evernote to install refers to instances of default folders, thus creates a sync problem. When I had this problem identified, never automatically intalei prefer to install manually by going on the website and downloading the new update. I do not know if this is the case, sorry anything.
  6. you do not think you can charge for use beyond the limits? the inclusion of alternative plans for + x Tag´s = $ for + x Notes = $ for + x books = $
  7. You have already lost. Now seriously, I moved a cause very useful for everyone. 100,000 notes is very obvious that it is finite. Imagine having the unpleasant situation of having to paralyze range limits ... By now optimistic scenario: Evernote creates alternative plans, receive and users use without fear and the way they see fit. Help me out here, I need to mobilize people for the cause
  8. The key principle is that I would like to have more space paying. Evernnote would receive. All the data architecture planning continue normal. It is to join two accounts in access. Think of the use and little space is a rational exercise: fundamental concepts: >The best way to control the agenda is making individual notes and not by the list of tasks / checklists. >notes have relationships with other notes and therefore generate more and more notes. >the concept of folksonomy, TAG´s should be used to sort events, contacts, issues, records, objects, tasks, etc .. - Dynamic and Flexible (extensive use for better organization and traceability) problem situation: Evernote is not ready for the BIG DATA, which are effective and consistent long-term ways to extract: volume, variety, speed and value of the flood of daily information analysis: a professional serves 36 people a day, all these services with the note on the task, with the necessary (client / patient, kind, context, etc ..) label. It is important to know that each client / patient should have a note of registration with personal data and a reference service tasks notes and records is done. For each service must have a note with the report (also be related to the registration of the person). It is good that the client and patients always have questions / issue (disagreements, questions, suggestions) - for each event should be a note and, of course, refers to the registration of the client / patient. good: 36x23 = 828 (attendances) - 828 notes Task 36x23 = 828 (Attendance Reports) - 828 notes / reports 1800 (new contacts, disagreements, questions, suggestions) = 3456 notes per month an average of 5 / Tag´s per note: 17280 * You can still increase referencial notes and materials labels / learning round 4000 with 20,000 tags and notes month that is: 2 years limits are insufficient conclusion >>> Only create the conditions to release more if needs with alternative plans <<<
  9. You're not thinking correctly. Ex: a club has 112,000 members, you need to do a campaign or marketing program. So how to operationalize notes and Tag´s in Evernote ??? records, issues, awards, control etc... Can I import list, I do not know if you know
  10. 1,5 to 2 there are issues and content management (research, materials, etc ...)
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