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  1. I agree with everyone else. Please allow us to remove recent. It isn't as helpful as the developers apparently think it is. Don't do what other software companies do, and refuse to listen to the people that pay the bills. When that happens, we move to other products.
  2. I agree with the other posts. I do NOT use Recent Notes, and it takes up valuable space. I don't think you are accounting for your power users that pay you LOTS of money for useful software (I have 3 paid accounts). Please give us the option to turn them off and stop trying to make us use the software the way YOU think it should be used, and let us use it the way WE want to use it. Thanks.
  3. Please give us the ability to easily switch between accounts. I don't need to sync multiple accounts at the same time, I need the ability to cache credentials and easily switch between the active account. In other words, I need exactly the functionality I have in the desktop app. I have 3 Premium accounts, and I would very much like you to support your paying customers with much needed functionality. I am doing my part to financially support an application that I like, and some consideration for an obviously important feature would be appreciated.
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