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  1. I wish I could pay only for the features I am using, but not for "all inclusive".
  2. What was the problem to figure that out BEFORE they turned off Plus plan as a choice? I wanted to downgrade from Premium to Plus this summer because I don't need most of the features. I have tried Premium for two years and decided that it is not what I want. Now I have to pay 70$ for increased space, multiple devices, smart search and search in the images. It is too expensive for that set of features. Great.
  3. +1 for that feature. Guys, you are right but you are suggesting a workaround for the problem. But I don't think that it should be included only in Windows. The best choice is to have it everywhere or not have it at all. I like the persistence of my user experience with Evernote on all devices and don't want to miss it.
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