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  1. Same here. Quite annoying. It has became a serious issue recently as everyday I have to delete 20-30 duplicate notes and some of the content actually gone missing. It happens when I am on Evernote Web and also have a the same note open on another device, Samsung Note 2 and Samsung tablet. But, isn't it what Evernote is about? I should be able to use the product on different platforms and devices at the same time. I am a longtime premium and I have no problems of whatsoever paying to Evernote; as long as I use a healthy product. But, recently I feel like it makes me less productive at times. And also, servers are really really slow, desktop application is very "heavy", text editor needs some improvement etc. So, please Evernote guys, before you add new features; offer us a healthy "note-taking" product. Otherwise, I am afraid we will have to watch the collapse of a billion dollar company. I am an "unhappy" customer and I know I am not the only one. I will move on to another app once I find a decent one.
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