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  1. I've just completely abandoned evernote. Try "Notability" -- it's borderline perfect. Still no zoom disable, but it's a lot less sensitive. If they still haven't fixed the issues I reported back then.. I feel sorry for their dev team.. you are failing your mission.
  2. The simplest form is a toggle button option to disable zooming, similar to what you have for snapping. Most people don't need zoom, and palm rejection is never going to be 100% accurate. Thanks
  3. Hi Chuck, what you are calling "live sharing" I call it screen mirroring, and it's already what I am using in classrooms. What I mean is a shared whiteboard that people from different countries can annotate on. You have almost all functionality there!!! I know dozens of research teams that would love this functionality.
  4. Zenistar, mostly I am puzzled nobody from Evernote acknowledged these problems after we reported them. Should I start looking for some other software?
  5. Yes, if they responded to this important need in a timely fashion I would also consider buying a pro plan. Otherwise I might switch to some other app in the long term Too bad, hudreds of people see me use evernote during my classes, so it's quite a lot of free advertisement they'd lose.
  6. I use this app for teaching on an iPad pro (ipad screen projected on the wall) and these are several issues with this app. Nonetheless, it is still the best app I found on the app store, so I am more than happy to provide feedback: [bug] the clip tool now has a bug and the clip stroke won't disappear [semi-bug, very annoying] the new zoom tool often is mistakenly triggered (terrible for live lectures). You should really allow to disable this new tool, as in a classroom environment this is VERY rarely needed (e.g. on a whiteboard you cannot zoom) there is no control on the eraser size (which is massive) like in the Apple note-taker move faster or tilt pen for a bigger eraser in class I find it very awkward to create a new page when I run out of space (sometime I just give up and create a new note insted). Further, when I move on to a new page I would often like to keep a bit of the context from the previous page... this is not possible at all. Having a continuous scroll (even as discrete events caused by a button) would be a huge improvement. there is no *live sharing* functionality. I use BaiBoard to share whiteboards live with colleagues, but the stroke quality of evernote is just plainly superior. almost impossible to draw points like you would on paper (small circular strokes interpreted as outliers?) snapping tool in thew new version is way too aggressive (and lengthy to turn on/off?). Why not use the ruler just like the Apple application? I found that quite amazingly well designed. there is no option to decide whether the toolbar should be on the left hand side or on the top side (there is a lot more real estate horizontally, when projecting you are essentially forced to use horizontal format otherwise the image is tiny, and your left hand would be a lot closer to the control toolbar so switches could be done a lot more efficiently) new zooming tool does not zoom about the center of the ping gesture (very counter intuitive) Feel free to ask me for clarifications if needed.
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