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  1. I've just completely abandoned evernote. Try "Notability" -- it's borderline perfect. Still no zoom disable, but it's a lot less sensitive. If they still haven't fixed the issues I reported back then.. I feel sorry for their dev team.. you are failing your mission.
  2. The simplest form is a toggle button option to disable zooming, similar to what you have for snapping. Most people don't need zoom, and palm rejection is never going to be 100% accurate. Thanks
  3. Hi Chuck, what you are calling "live sharing" I call it screen mirroring, and it's already what I am using in classrooms. What I mean is a shared whiteboard that people from different countries can annotate on. You have almost all functionality there!!! I know dozens of research teams that would love this functionality.
  4. Zenistar, mostly I am puzzled nobody from Evernote acknowledged these problems after we reported them. Should I start looking for some other software?
  5. Yes, if they responded to this important need in a timely fashion I would also consider buying a pro plan. Otherwise I might switch to some other app in the long term Too bad, hudreds of people see me use evernote during my classes, so it's quite a lot of free advertisement they'd lose.
  6. I use this app for teaching on an iPad pro (ipad screen projected on the wall) and these are several issues with this app. Nonetheless, it is still the best app I found on the app store, so I am more than happy to provide feedback: [bug] the clip tool now has a bug and the clip stroke won't disappear [semi-bug, very annoying] the new zoom tool often is mistakenly triggered (terrible for live lectures). You should really allow to disable this new tool, as in a classroom environment this is VERY rarely needed (e.g. on a whiteboard you cannot zoom) there is no control on the e
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