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  1. Upvoted. We've been asking for this since 2011 at least.
  2. As I said before, I am not a paying customer of Evernote. It is certainly dumb to "let others mess with your data" in an enterprise setting with hundreds of users and with appointed curators/mentors. That's not the real life scenario that everyone else in this thread is painting. I, for one, would gladly give Evernote my money and become a paying customer, if they take action to satisfy this "let someone else mess with my data" request.
  3. You misunderstood the point. In my scenario, there is no need to "protect account owner's interest," and there are no "third parties to mess with the data." I simply need one notebook to have two owners, who can both do absolutely all possible actions on the notebook, including creating new tags for use in the notebook. This is the feature I am willing to pay for
  4. Basic user, considering becoming a paying customer. The only way I will become a paying customer is if the Evernote team acknowledges this issue and provides a fix. When I share a notebook, I want the receiver to be able to do any action that I can do myself as a owner (with the single exception of revoking my access to the notebook).
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