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  1. I am new to actually trying to use Evernote, the incentive being that we no longer have full time secretaries at our "Satellite Offices", so I have to access any number of notes such as quick and simple tables and notes that I can associate with diagnostics such as X-Rays and CT Scans, as well as being able to do quick comparisons on GC/MS results, etc. so that I can make qualitative decisions predicated upon actual data and radiography, etc. Unfortunately, it seems as if Evernote has decided certain parameters and no matter how many times I reset them, they revert to its "default" value. Simple example, I simply hate the default font that it wants to use for notes. Might be great for some folks just not for me and the way that I work. It should be simple, right, go to the little "Font" & "Color" setting and change them to what I want to use, save and close it out, and I no sooner start to input some information on the table and the first time that I hit the tab key to move on to the next column (on the same row) and Evernote goes back to that default font and the process starts all over again. Any idea how long it takes to enter even simple data when you have to stop, and reset the font and font color every time you move on to the next column or row in a table. I never even got further into the process than the 3rd column on the 1st row. Is there some simple way to make Evernote understand that there are certain simple parameters (after all, what could be more simple that setting up a font and font color), and if it is going to fight me on simple things like that, well unfortunately I won't be using it long enough to decide if we just "upgrade" our subscription for each of the partners.
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