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  1. Hey man you just posted in my thread but now it's gone?? 


    You said I do not need Keyboard Maestro but the link you sent me shows what to do if you are making the email yourself. This is the link you sent. 


    I know how to add @notebook and #tag to the subject so it goes to the right place. 

    My issue is - HOW DO I AUTOMATE THAT? Now I have gmail forwarding emails to my evernote email. Problem is nowhere in that setup can I automate what's added to the subject line. Now, I have to go to my EN inbox every time and put it in the right place. Any suggestions on getting it to do it on it's own - forwarding the email to EN with the tags in the subject line?

    1. DTLow


      Sorry, I deleted my posting after re-reading your message.

      I'd like to find about auto-forwarding
      I tried using a mail rule on the Mac, but it reformats the message; removes html etc.
      I tried using a mail rule in Gmail, but it uses a resent instead of forward.  When evernote sees mail using the special email address, it strips out the header.

    2. Eatsnax


      Yeah this is frustarting. I know it can be done, just how? The post I put up by JTMichael? He said he figured it out using outlook but said he's make a tutorial if asked. I asked... haha. we'll see what happens. Right now I'm using a IFTTT recipe 

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