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  1. This duplication is at least a daily occurrence. As far as Note size goes - one instance of this was on a note of sparse 10 lines. The duplicates had captured various versions as I typed. And, as @emtothegee experienced, the note I was typing in was fine. If I see it happening I can safely trash the new duplicates. If I find them later, I have to work out which to keep. Bothersome, indeed.
  2. I found the Notebook Export to ENEX option, as indicated. Thanks Is there an Export to HTML?? I am given no options. I am at the (retired) PLUS subscription level. Being able to export Selected Notes had been a great option. It allowed me to periodically save just the changed Notes. And Exporting to HTML allowed me to review and cut&paste back into a Note, if necessary. But to use it I need to be able to select more than 50! Large set selection management can be tricky - I hope EverNote is working on it.
  3. Is there an Export Notes feature (and I'm looking in the wrong places)?? Previously, I have relied on the Export to HTML to have older versions to go back to.
  4. After I posted my above msg, I shutdown the other instance I had running. A bit later (a few minutes ago), I edited a Note -- as I was doing that, I saw several new instances appear in the list. I suppose the only thing being sync'ed to at that moment would be the cloud version. I could see incremental changes in the different duplicates. It's like they were snapshots taken every few seconds that somehow got promoted to being Notes. I have been running both instances for years. I tend to be editing two different sets of Notes. I do that partially to avoid sync'ing problems, though I don't think I've ever had one. These duplicates often happen as I'm typing; sometimes I find a duplicate when I've been away and haven't edited anything. Thanks
  5. I am getting "more than one version" a lot in the last few days. If EverNote can identify these, it would be nice to have some help seeing the difference. Since this problem has been around for a while, it would be nice to see a comparison of the 2, 3 or more versions with changes highlighted. This happens to me while using the current version. In some cases there may be another, older (6.25), version, which is running but completely idle. I'm a long time EverNote user. Over years I have only had EverNote trash a note once or twice. It's still very unnerving when it gets mixed up and, in this case, keeps old versions. Historically, EverNote did an excellent job sync'ing changes. For one thing, it would be nice to get back the manual Sync option.
  6. Thanks, everyone, for the help. F6 does clear everything. I'd never taken the time to hunt down the F6 option. I did have the "Clear context on search" set in Options. The element I'd been using was the X in the keyword text control -- currently it clears that control, which is sensible, but I thought it used to clear Tags, also.
  7. I'd like a UI element to Clear All Search criteria. On a Windows PC, I have a "click to clear search" that removes search words, but leaves the tags. This then requires that each tag's 'x' be clicked to remove it, also. I think 'clear search' used to clear everything, but not sure. It used to be considered good UI design to provide menu options for UI buttons - this allows people who are good typists [not me] to run the app w/o reaching for the mouse. The 'clear search' only exists as a clickable UI element.
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