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  1. Thanks, everyone, for the help. F6 does clear everything. I'd never taken the time to hunt down the F6 option. I did have the "Clear context on search" set in Options. The element I'd been using was the X in the keyword text control -- currently it clears that control, which is sensible, but I thought it used to clear Tags, also.
  2. I'd like a UI element to Clear All Search criteria. On a Windows PC, I have a "click to clear search" that removes search words, but leaves the tags. This then requires that each tag's 'x' be clicked to remove it, also. I think 'clear search' used to clear everything, but not sure. It used to be considered good UI design to provide menu options for UI buttons - this allows people who are good typists [not me] to run the app w/o reaching for the mouse. The 'clear search' only exists as a clickable UI element.
  3. I am trying to straighten out my file backup procedure. The only notebook location I have seen documented is: C:\Users\[PC Name]\AppData\Local\Evernote\Evernote\Databases directory However, Carbonite, which I'm using for backup, says that this is only for local copies of web-based notebooks. Are my local notes stored in the single <user name>.exb I see there, or someplace else?? While Web backup is mentioned, I was surprised the only coments about Local Notebooks is "to export them". Thanks
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