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  1. I've done some more in-depth research and I found this: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/alternote-editor/hljkfahiahjhhpmpihngnommookkneji Someone Implemented Alternote as Chrome extension. It allows formatting with keyboard shortcuts and you can choose between different styles of headings. Selecting notes to edit is a bit cumbersome though. You have to be logged in to Evernote web, then pick a note and run the extension. Nevertheless, for Windows users, this is probably the best currently available alternative.
  2. I was recently wondering whether there is a way to do something about Evernote's poor formatting capabilities. I’ ve tried using Marxico but I was sorely disappointed with its inability to edit notes created in Evernote app. The main reason why I prefer Evernote over the other note-taking apps is the Web Clipper extension which IMO constitutes the best tool for collecting information from the Web.However, lack of styles that can be applied with a keyboard shortcut like in MS Word, makes writing anything of considerable length or more sophisticated structure a nightmare. Therefore I’m looking f
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